'Dangerous' parking at lake results in fines

Cars parked next to Chew Valley Lake
PCSO Jason Kean

People who parked their cars in a "dangerous" manner around Chew Valley Lake at the weekend returned to find them ticketed.

PCSO Jason Kean posted photographs of the cars on Facebook urging people to "think of your safety and others".

Mr Kean said he understands that with the coronavirus restrictions eased people want to "exercise and enjoy being out in the sunshine".

But he said parking on "sharp bends on roads with 50mph speeds" is "very irresponsible and dangerous".

He said he was left no choice but to issue tickets due to "a few potential accidents and near misses".

Mr Kean suggested if somewhere is "very busy try to go to a quieter location".

Car with parking ticket on the window
PCSO Jason Kean

Double red lines painted to tackle forest problem parking

Red lines to stop "problematic parking" are being painted on roads in Epping Forest.

The temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is being implemented in High Beech, Epping Forest, to address parking issues and deter non-essential travel to the forest.

The TRO will be monitored for 18 months, and will come into force in two weeks' time.

Red double yellow lines
North Essex Parking Partnership

Nigel Bedford, from Epping Forest District Council, said: "I know these restrictions will not be popular with everyone, but the vast majority of residents understand how careful we have to be at this critical time in the management of the Coronavirus pandemic."

Parking restrictions relaxed across Devon

Daniel Clark

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Councils across Devon have relaxed parking restrictions in car parks that they run, with some suspending enforcement and charges entirely.

South Hams, West Devon, Plymouth and North Devon councils have suspended charges in all of the car parks that they manage, while East Devon, Exeter and Torbay are offering free parking to NHS staff, social care staff and volunteers, as is Devon County Council at County Hall.

Parking restrictions on some of Devon’s roads had already been temporarily relaxed by Devon County Council during the coronavirus outbreak.

Motorists will still be banned from parking on double yellow lines and key routes, but in peripheral or some residential areas, enforcement action will no longer be taken.

The government is urging people to stay at home, but people are still allowed to travel to a shop for basic necessities, for medical reasons, or to travel to work if they cannot work from home.

Parking charges sign