Hillsborough trials

'Huge disappointment' - Joe Anderson

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson said the outcome was a "huge disappointment."

Joe Anderson
PA Media

“Today’s outcome is a huge disappointment for the families, the survivors and for all of those still trying to come to terms with the disaster that unfolded at Hillsborough on April 15, 1989.

“In recent years they had to relive the events of that day by sitting through the longest inquest in British legal history, followed by two trials. The toll that it has taken on their health and wellbeing, in addition to losing their loved ones, is unimaginable and the whole city shares their pain.

Hillsborough: Prosecutors seek retrial of David Duckenfield

The prosecution in the case of Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield is applying for a retrial in a hearing at Preston Crown Court today.

David Duckenfield

The defence are fighting the application.

In April, a jury at the trial of former Ch Supt Duckenfield, now 74, failed to reach a verdict after he denied the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 Liverpool fans in the 1989 disaster.

The judge, Sir Peter Openshaw, has said that a decision is expected tomorrow.

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