Sex education

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    Video caption: Pornography effects: 'Watching porn left me scarred from a young age'

    Calls are made for the dangers of porn to be included in the new Welsh school curriculum.

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    Video caption: Kenya: Tackling teen pregnancies through sex education

    Lily is bringing sex education to remote areas in Kenya in her fight to end teen pregnancies.

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    Video caption: No opt out of sex education and religion classes in Wales

    Children in Wales will have to attend sex education and religion lessons - with no veto from parents.

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    Video caption: Sex education for adults with learning disabilities in Portsmouth

    Weekly sex education classes explore topics like sexual health, relationships, self care, and emotions.

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    Video caption: Africa’s 'condom king' wants no more HIV infections

    Kenyan Stanley Ngara gives out free condoms in his bid to encourage safe sex and lower HIV rates.

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    Video caption: Sex education classes 'may not be appropriate'

    Parents are set to lose the right to remove their children from sex and relationship classes.

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    Video caption: The sex education circus

    Performer and educator Jess Herman has come up with a creative way of teaching teenagers about sex.

  8. Birds and the Bees 2.0

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    Video caption: Is a new era in Relationships and Sex Education set to begin in English secondary schools?

    Journalist and comedian Jordan Dunbar asks if English secondary schools' new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum is good news for pupils, parents and society at large.