South Lanarkshire Council

Boundary changes have occurred here. 2012 seats are an estimate of what the result would have been then if the new boundaries had been in place.

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2012 Seats 2017 Change


Seats 201226 Seats 201727 Change+1


Seats 201232 Seats 201722 Change−10


Seats 20124 Seats 201714 Change+10

PartyLiberal Democrat

Seats 20121 Seats 20171 Change-


Seats 20121 Seats 2017- Change−1
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Badger lessons aim to tackle persecution
School children in Scotland have been learning about badgers as part of a drive to stamp out badger persecution in the area.
Wall tie at St Ninian's in East Renfrewshire

Fiona Walker

Reporter, BBC Scotland Investigates

A total of 30 schools in Scotland have had to make repairs due to structural defects in the last five years, a BBC investigation reveals.

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Schools update for South Lanarkshire

All schools and nurseries in South Lanarkshire are expected to be open tomorrow, despite the amber weather warning.

However, the council said it would continue to assess the situation and give an update on Wednesday morning.

Further updates will be posted to its Twitter @SouthLanCouncil and Facebook pages.

Scotland Independence Referendum 2014

South Lanarkshire votes NO
NOVotes 121,80054.67%
YESVotes 100,99045.33%


Turnout 85.36%

Rejected ballots 137