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Scots firm wins PPE contract creating 200 jobs

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A south of Scotland firm has secured a £53m personal protective equipment (PPE) contract which promises to create 200 new jobs.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the deal would see Dumfriesshire-based Alpha Solway supply NHS Scotland.

It will provide 232 million surgical masks, six million respirator masks and two million visors.

Ms Sturgeon said it was an important step in ensuring secure supplies of PPE for the "foreseeable future".

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Dumfries and Galloway school return 'apprehension' understandable

Giancarlo Rinaldi

South Scotland reporter, BBC news website

Dumfries High School

All pupils have been returing to classrooms across Dumfries and Galloway with enhanced cleaning regimes in place at schools across the area.

The chairman of the region's education committee, Jeff Leaver, says every effort is being made to ensure a safe and smooth transition back to school life, but accepts there will still be nerves.

"There's bound to be a certain amount of apprehension but as a council we have done all we can to make sure that the schools are as safe as possible for youngsters and also for our staff," he said.

"I think an awful lot of youngsters will be absolutely desperate to get back to school, get back into a routine and to get back together with their friends."

Aberdeen lockdown a 'stark reminder' to other areas

Giancarlo Rinaldi

South Scotland reporter, BBC news website

Dumfries Infirmary
MJ Richardson

Police, the health board and council in Dumfries and Galloway have urged the public to be "extra vigilant" after a local lockdown was imposed in Aberdeen.

In a joint statement, they said it was a "stark reminder" of the threat still posed by coronavirus.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway's chief executive Jeff Ace said: "We are still in a precarious position with regards to Covid-19 and we must guard against complacency.

"This is a highly transmissible virus with potentially devastating consequences and we have a population in Dumfries and Galloway which has had very little exposure and therefore has very little immunity."