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    Video caption: Mauritius medical clown: 'When I see the kids smiling I feel really good'

    Sharon Juhl is not your ordinary clown, he is a medical clown bringing smiles to hospitalised children.

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    Video caption: Mauritius prepares to welcome Africa's top athletes

    Mauritius prepares to welcome Africa's top athletes for this week's continental championships.

  3. Mauritius government faces no-confidence vote

    Yasine Mohabuth

    Port Louis, Mauritius

    Prime Minister of Mauritius Pravind Jugnauth
    Image caption: Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth rose to power in 2017

    The parliament in Mauritius will on Tuesday debate a motion of no confidence filed against the government by the leader of the opposition Xavier-Luc Duval.

    The motion follows last month's protests against high prices of foodstuffs, public transport, petroleum products and cooking gas.

    Mr Duval also wants the government to reverse some of its "unhealthy policies" and take urgent measures to improve the wellbeing of citizens.

    The no-confidence motion is the first in 26 years.

    Debate is expected to be held until late on Tuesday night as it is expected to last for 10 hours and 30 minutes.

    Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth previously said the country was still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

  4. Mauritius begins second Covid booster shot campaign

    Yasine Mohabuth

    Port Louis, Mauritius

    Mauritius has begun to administer a second booster Covid shot to those aged over 59 and people considered vulnerable.

    This dose is not mandatory, but is highly recommended, the health ministry says.

    It will be the third injection for people who initially received the single dose of Johnson & Johnson.

    For those who have had other vaccines - that required two shots - this will be their fourth dose.

  5. Three fishing vessels run aground in Mauritius

    Yasine Mohabuth

    Port Louis, Mauritius

    Boat in choppy waters

    Three Taiwanese boats ran aground in Mauritian waters on Wednesday on the reefs of Pointe-aux-Sables and Bain-des-dames, with some 40 crew members now rescued.

    The Taiwanese Wen Hang Dar 168 ran into trouble in the early hours of the morning at Pointe-aux-Sables, around 10km (six miles) off Port Louis Harbour with 81 tonnes of fuel in its tanks.

    The vessel, which is 37m (212 ft) long, had 25 crew members on board. A request for assistance was made at 06:55 local time (02:55 GMT) this morning.

    Some crew members from two of the boats jumped into the water at Bain-des-Dames, also in Port Louis.

    They were rescued by National Coast Guard officers and were brought to safety in Port Louis Harbour.

    Other crew members who remained on board were evacuated by members of the helicopter squadron and transported to the police headquarters.

    Some sustained minor injuries.

    Currently oil booms are being deployed as there is the risk of an oil leak.

    But no leak has been detected so far, according to Mauritius' Fisheries and Ocean Economy minister Sudheer Maudhoo.

    Recently some boats have found themselves trapped on the reefs in Mauritius, the most famous being the MV Wakashio, which created an ecological disaster on the Indian Ocean island.

    Map of Mauritius
  6. Exiled for 50 years - the return of the Chagos Islanders

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    Video caption: The disputed Indian Ocean archipelago - controlled by Britain but claimed by Mauritius.

    The BBC's Andrew Harding witnesses the extraordinary return journey of the islanders - to a place which has been hidden from the outside world for decades.

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    Video caption: Chagos Islands: Mauritian flag raised on British-controlled archipelago

    The Chagos Islands is controlled by Britain, but claimed by Mauritius.

  8. Mauritian flag raised on Chagos islands

    Andrew Harding

    BBC News, Johannesburg

    Chagossians on a boat celebrating
    Image caption: Some Chagossians evicted from the islands 50 years ago returned in a trip organised by the Mauritian government

    The Mauritian flag has been raised for the very first time on the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

    The Mauritian ambassador to the United Nations led a ceremony on the island of Peros Banhos, where a pre-recorded message from the Mauritian prime minister was played through a loud speaker.

    Another flag was raised on the island of Salomon.

    The islands are controlled by Britain but claimed by Mauritius.

    The flag-raising was the culmination of a trip organised by the Mauritian government, which included a group of Chagossians evicted from the islands by the British government 50 years ago.

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    Video caption: Chagos islanders return home after 50 years

    Five Chagos islanders set foot on their home, 50 years after the British removed them.