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Second attempt for houses in Alnmouth lodged

A second attempt to build houses in a Northumberland village have been lodged.

Plans for seven homes in Alnmouth were submitted to the county council for a site behind the Schooner Hotel which is currently vacant next to Estuary Drive.

Another application for eight homes rather than seven was submitted last year but withdrawn in January due to insufficient information about contaminated land and archaeology.

The full application can be viewed here

Estuary Drive, Alnmouth

Takeaway ban-plan in areas with obese children

Local Democracy Reporting Service

A council is considering banning takeaways in areas where there are high numbers of overweight children.


Northumberland County Council wants to hear people's views on stopping outlets opening within 400 metres of schools and colleges.

The council also wants to bar more takeaways where there are already too many or where they would replace the last convenience shop or pub in an area, a spokesman said.

Growth in Northumberland could cause shortage of GPs

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Continual growth in Northumberland means that the authority area could have a shortage of around 50 GPs.


Due to the increasing number of houses being built the council is concerned about the healthcare infrastructure.

It was estimated that 17,700 new homes need ed to be built from 2016 to 2036, but that target has been surpassed - 22,000 are built or under construction.

Siobhan Brown, the chief operating officer of NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group, said the problem needed to be tackled.

Northumberland restaurants top food hygiene ratings

Local Democracy Reporting Service

You are more likely to find a business with a positive food star rating in Northumberland than anywhere else in the country.

The percentage of restaurants with a rating of satisfactory to very good (three to five stars) is 98.2%, compared to a national average of 94.5% and regional average of 96.4%.

The county council's public health protection unit published the figures after inspecting more than 5,500 food premise in the county.

Food Hygiene Sticker

More than 220 complaints were received in 2018-18 including foreign objects in food, customers falling ill and poor hygiene of restaurants and takeaways.

The unit issued 974 written warnings, four voluntary closure agreements and five improvement notices.

172m of hedging incorrectly removed on housing development

Local Democracy Reporting Service

More than 170 metres of hedging has been incorrectly chopped by developers of a new housing estate in Warkworth.

Approval was given for the 50 homes known as Guilden Place in November 2016.

Site Plan for Guilden Place

New landscaping plans have now been reluctantly approved by Northumberland County Council following the 'act of environmental vandalism'.

Councillor John Hobrough described the new application as "an attempt to make legal what should have not happened", he said:

"Approving this would send two messages - one to the community that you don't matter and the other to developers is don't worry, do what you like."

David Brocklehurst from Cussins apologised for what had happened, adding: "We are here to try to find a solution."

Northumberland firefighters recruiting for the first time in eight years

Local Democracy Reporting Service

The search for new firefighters in Northumberland is heating up.

For the first time in eight years the service is taking in applications for new crew members.

Northumberland Firefighters
Press Association

Positions within County Durham and Darlington, and Tyne and Wear fire and rescue services are also being sought.

Over the last three weeks taster sessions have been available to help candidates understand the demands of the role and the physical challenges faced.

The registration period is open now for five days until Friday.

More details can be found here.

Hundreds from England and Scotland to discuss potential growth deal

John Stevenson MP

More than 300 people from businesses on either side of the English-Scottish border are meeting for the first time today.

The first Borderlands Growth Initiative conference is being held in Dumfries today.

Last year, the government said it would support efforts by five councils on either side of the border to secure a "growth deal" similar to those won by cities such as Greater Manchester or wider areas such as Preston, South Ribble and Lancashire.

The Conservative MP for Carlisle John Stevenson is also the Borderlands Growth Deal Champion for England:

The ultimate goal is to actually increase productivity in the area, increase wealth, job opportunities, and attract investment, and people, into our region