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    Video caption: How delivery drivers became vital in the pandemic

    They made sure no-one had to leave the house but now they are taking on an even more important role.

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    Video caption: US election: Why are Trump protesters saying 'stop the count' and 'count the votes'?

    Trump supporters have been chanting conflicting messages in Michigan and Arizona. We look at why.

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    Video caption: Michigan result: 'Ugly scenes' at count facility in Detroit

    The BBC's Lebo Diseko reports from a count facility in Detroit where 'ugly scenes' erupted when Republican and Democrat supporters were denied access to the count room.

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    Video caption: Gretchen Whitmer: 'Hate groups heard Trump's words as rallying cry'

    Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer calls out the president as she reacts to the alleged plot to kidnap her.

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    Video caption: Gretchen Whitmer: Details of alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor

    Six people have been arrested and charged with conspiring to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.

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    Video caption: Officer saves three-week-old baby who choked on milk

    The officer saved a three-week-old baby girl who was choking on milk, as her mother watched.