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Paralysed but still horse-riding

Jemima Green from Beaminster was injured in a car crash three years ago.
Spinal implant helps paralysed patients walk again
Scientists develop an implant that can enable paralysed patients to walk again temporarily.

The electrical implant helping a paralysed man to walk again

Doctors say the device helps lost signals from the brain to reach the leg muscles
A man who was paralysed from the waist down after a snowmobile accident has been able to regain control of his legs with the help of a spine stimulator and intensive training. The breakthrough came at the Mayo Clinic in the US city of Minnesota. Newsday's Alan Kasujja spoke to the two scientists who co-authored the study; physical rehabilitation specialist Kristin Zhao and neurosurgeon Kendall Lee. 

(Photo: Jered Chinnock walking with a front-wheeled walker  Credit: Mayo Clinic)

UK Paralympian Samatha Kinghorn discusses her personal resilience after an accident which left her paralysed

Samantha was inspired by the people around her in hospital as a young teenager.
Samantha talks about being inspired by the people around her in hospital, after her accident as a young teenager.