1. Death On The I-95

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    Video caption: Returning to the US to find out what happened to the people met along the notorious I-95.

    Following a report on the growing problem of opioid addiction in the US two years ago, returning to find out what happened to the people met along the notorious I-95.

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    Video caption: Why US opioid deaths are rising because of Covid

    A US paramedic and author on why US opioid deaths have skyrocketed during the Covid pandemic.

  3. Heroin laced with opioid fentanyl found in Torbay

    Andrew Segal

    BBC South West

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    Police in south Devon are warning drug users to "not gamble with your health" after being made aware that heroin which had been mixed with the opioid fentanyl had been reported in Torbay.

    Torbay Police said on Facebook said the synthetic opioid was deadly "because it’s so much stronger than heroin and is up to 100 times more potent than morphine".

    They added that drug users "generally don’t know when their heroin is laced with fentanyl, so when they inject their usual quantity of heroin, they can inadvertently take a deadly dose of the substance".

    Officers also said fentanyl sold on the street was "almost always made in a clandestine lab", meaning its effect on the body "can be more unpredictable".

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    Video caption: Mother speaks about the danger of 'dark web' fentanyl

    'I knew he was dead' A mum who found her son overdosing on drugs he brought on the dark web has spoken about her family's devastation. has spoken

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    Video caption: How Vancouver is helping opioid addicts

    Vancouver's unusual approach offers users injection sites, antidotes and even heroin on prescription.

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    Video caption: Fentanyl in cocaine: The deadly truth of new drugs cocktail

    A surge in cocaine deaths is being blamed on fentanyl, a synthetic opioid far stronger than morphine.

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    Video caption: On America's trail of destruction

    Authorities have seized enough fentanyl to kill every American. It's a crisis that lines one major highway.