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    Video caption: Forty arrests and drugs worth £6m seized in Wales raids

    The National Crime Agency's biggest operation sees drugs worth £6m and £2m cash seized in Wales.

  2. Trump launches fresh attack on Apple over privacy

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    US President Donald Trump launched a fresh attack on Apple on Tuesday.

    He accused the company of refusing to co-operate with investigators despite his administration helping the company on trade and other issues.

    On Monday US Attorney General William Barr accused Apple of not being helpful in an inquiry into a shooting that is being treated as a terrorist act.

    It is the latest in a series of clashes between the White House and technology giants over access to data.

  3. Swipe Right for Crime

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    Video caption: The encrypted apps that bring the criminal web to your mobile phone.

    Police have successfully infiltrated some of the biggest criminal markets on the dark web - but it’s pushing criminals into using encrypted apps which the police struggle to crack.