Gypsy representatives hope for a better Appleby this year

Gypsy representatives, who are holding an event to talk to people in Kirkby Stephen this evening, say they hope various measures should mean less friction between travelling people and the communities they pass through on the way to Appleby Fair.

Last year there were reports of anti-social behaviour and at least one serious assault on the road passing through Kirkby Lonsdale and Sedbergh to Kirkby Stephen and Brough.

Billy Welch, a leading member of the Roma community, and Bill Lloyd, who also represents travellers on the support group that looks after the fair, will join police and officials in the Kings Arms to try to create more understanding of the horse fair.

Bowtop caravan on way to Appleby
PA/John Giles

Hopefully this year with a few measures put into place by the police and Eden District Council, things will be a bit better and it will ease some of the concerns."

Billy Welch

We're never going to be able to solve all the problems, but we're doing what we can, and we're asking people to come and talk, come and meet, and see where we go from here."

Bill Lloyd
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