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    Video caption: Captain Sir Tom Moore portraits auctioned for charity

    Hundreds of people painted pictures of the veteran and now they're being auctioned for his charity.

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    Video caption: Covid: How hospices are adapting their care

    One woman explains how her father received care from a hospice despite the coronavirus pandemic.

  3. Kendal's charities HQ 'hit hard' by Covid-19 slowdown

    A former council headquarters in Kendal that provides a home for many of the town's charities is appealing for new tenants to help staunch a big loss in income.

    Stricklandgate House belongs to a trust and currently accommodates eight local organisations, also providing meeting and counselling rooms and conference facilities.

    Stricklandgate House

    But the building has room for ten more tenants after the pandemic hit use of the meeting rooms, and the trust which spends £120,000 a year running the property says it has lost significant income.

    Centre manager John Gallagher said: “It is a real community hub with a wide range of different organisations and often a first point of contact for people of all ages seeking support, guidance and information from the groups based here.”

    Quote Message: It has hit us hard” from John Gallagher
    John Gallagher
  4. States grant £10.3m to overseas aid commission in 2019

    Rebecca Thorn

    BBC News

    Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) received £10.3m in government grants during 2019, the charity commission's latest report has revealed.

    JOA is the island's States-governed organisation for international development and humanitarian aid across the world.

    Of last year's budget, nearly £6m was used for international development projects, in addition to £2.5m donated for emergency and humanitarian aid, and £1.6m allocated to local charities working abroad.

    The organisation has assisted with humanitarian crises across the globe, including the ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2018, and the hunger crisis in Yemen where more than 24 million people are in need of help.

    The JOA donated £442,600 and £400,000 respectively to charities working locally in these countries, the report shows.

    Dairy projects in Rwanda, which use Jersey cow genetics to improve milk production for farmers in the African country, received a grant of more than £1m the from JOA last year.

    The Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society plays a key role in the project by sharing their skills with smallholder farmers.

    Carolyn Labey, Chairman of Jersey Overseas Aid and Minister for International Development, said it had been "another fantastic year" despite the fact "a deadly new disease was racing around the globe".

  5. Election hopefuls 'need to consider charities'

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    The chairman of the Association of Guernsey Charities has written to all election candidates, asking them to consider the third sector during their campaigning.

    Malcolm Woodhams said he had been "disappointed" with manifestos he had read so far, saying there was too little detail on how charities might be supported by candidates if they were elected.

    He said it was one thing to say "Guernsey Together", but to fully support the voluntary sector needed a stronger commitment.

    A total of 119 candidates are standing in Guernsey's first island-wide election on 7 October.

    The 38 that poll the most votes are due to be sworn into the States of Guernsey on 16 October and serve until June 2025.

    Further details are available on