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    Video caption: Animal crossing for Utah wildlife is 'working'

    The overpass was built to help animals cross between two mountains while avoiding highway traffic.

  2. Deer rescued from sea off Porthleven coast

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    Video caption: Unusual Catch of the Day! Fisherman Jeremy Richards saves a deer being chased by a seal!

    A roe deer has been rescued after it was pulled from the sea by a fisherman, almost a mile off the coast of Porthleven in Cornwall.

    Fisherman Jeremy Richards brought the animal back to shore and wrapped it in a blanket until the RSPCA arrived.

    Circle indicating position of deer in the sea
  3. Firefighters rescue deer from moorland blaze

    Firefighters have rescued a young roe deer caught up in a moorland blaze.

    Roe Deer

    The animal was found by crew members from Humberside Fire & Rescue on n Hatfield Moors near Doncaster.

    On Twitter the service said the deer had recovered after being given oxygen and was due to be handed over to the RSPCA.

    The blaze has been burning on the moorland between Doncaster and Goole for more than three days with firefighters from South Yorkshire and Humberside working to put it out.