1. Can I improve my sense of direction?

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    Video caption: Why do some people navigate with ease whilst others struggle to find their way?

    Why do some people frequently get lost whereas others can orientate themselves with ease? We explore the biological and environmental factors that influence success.

  2. What Has Sat-Nav Done to Our Brains?

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    Video caption: Timandra Harkness scrutinises sat nav. How does it affect our brains and well-being?

    Timandra Harkness teams ups with London cabby Robert Lorden to scrutinise a technology that we now take for granted. How do GPS devices affect our brains, health and well-being?

  3. GPS

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    Video caption: GPS is sometimes called the “invisible utility”. What would happen if it stopped working?

    What would happen if GPS stopped working? From emergency services to just-in-time supermarket logistics networks, the ability to navigate using GPS is baked into the economy.

  4. Inventing GPS, Carbon nanotube computer, Steven Strogatz and Monty Lyman discuss calculus and skin

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    Video caption: Inventing GPS, carbon nanotube computer, RS Prize shortlisted books on calculus and skin.

    The invention of GPS, carbon nanotube computer, and Steven Strogatz and Monty Lyman discuss their Royal Society Science Book Prize shortlisted books on calculus and skin.

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    Video caption: Denver drivers followed Google's detour down a dirt road

    Denver drivers rushing to the airport took a GPS detour to avoid an hour-long traffic delay.