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'Eddie the Eagle of engineering' builds full size replica dalek from 1973 Radio Times

Wool engineer Andy Farley took a year to build the Dr Who nemesis.
A Wool engineer has turned back the clock to build one of the most iconic and evil aliens in BBC TV science fiction history.

52 year old Andy Farley has created a replica dalek, the extraterrestrial nemesis of Dr Who. The project has taken just over a year to complete using only a diagram from an old 1973 edition of the Radio Times. Its parts include a low power engine, a voice transfer machine and several household items. The dalek even has its own registration plate, TFD 478, reflecting the number of hours it took to build.

Previously the motorbike enthusiast has built a motorised sunbed, a portable toilet with an engine, an unusually fast wheelchair, and even a garden bench with an engine.

The dalek will be raffled off in a year's time with all proceeds in aid of the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance charity. BBC Radio Solent reporter Laurence went down to a Wareham garage to meet the dalek.

Voice of Oxford radio station dies

Paul Darrow in Blake's 7

Actor and voice of Oxfordshire-based radio stations JACKfm and Union JACK radio, Paul Darrow, has died after a short illness.

Darrow was best known for playing Avon in the BBC science fiction series Blake's 7, as well as appearances on Doctor Who, The Saint and Little Britain.

Ian Walker, CEO of JACK, said Darrow's "rich tones and flippant delivery style always brought a smile to everyone who knew him".

Darrow was born in Surrey on 2 May 1941 and studied at Rada, where he shared a flat with fellow actors Ian McShane and John Hurt.

What powers Verne’s Nautilus submarine?

Captain Nemo explains all to professor Aronnax
How can the Nautilus propel itself if there isn’t enough oxygen in the ocean’s depths? Captain Nemo’s answer comes as a surprise to professor Aronnax. The reader is Neil McCaul.

Photo: Illustration for the novel 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas' by Jules Verne (Corbis via Getty Images)