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Central Labour Party 'didn't help us very much at all' in MK

Despite gaining three seats and becoming the largest party on Milton Keynes Council, the Labour group's leader Peter Marland has been very critical of senior members of his party at the national level.

He said: "As a Labour Party member it's difficult to understand why some MPs, like Tom Watson, would want to openly discuss our Brexit policy two days before an election and storm out of a meeting.

"I don't think he's helped the party and think it was demoralising for our activists.

"When when you lose some places by 30 votes and the greens have 300, it didn't help us very much as all."

Peter Marland

Labour failed to gain Bletchley Park from the Conservatives by 26 votes, while the Greens had 289 votes in that ward.

Conservatives 'very disappointed' to lose deputy leader on MK council

Andy Holmes

BBC Three Counties Radio political reporter

Alex Walker, leader of the Conservatives on Milton Keynes Council, said he was "very disappointed to lose a very capable councillor", after deputy leader Catriona Morris lost her seat to Lib Dem Kerrie Bradbury.

Mr Walker himself only retained his seat by 110 votes.

However, the sense I got was they were fairly pleased to keep 19 seats.

Only a third of the seats were up for election, with Labour becoming the biggest party with 23 seats, but the council remaining in a situation where no single party has overall control.

milton keynes council

Milton Keynes also reflected the national picture with the Lib Dems also making gains, winning three seats from the Conservatives, leaving with 15 seats overall.