Oxford City Council

2021 Labour hold, from 2018

Counting complete. After 48 of 48 seats declared.

Change compared with 2018
  1. Labour

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 34
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -3
    • Councillors overall total 34
  2. Liberal Democrat

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 9
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +1
    • Councillors overall total 9
  3. Green

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 3
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +1
    • Councillors overall total 3
  4. Independent

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 2
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +1
    • Councillors overall total 2
  1. BreakingLabour retains control in Oxford

    Labour has comfortably retained control of Oxford City Council - but have lost some ground to other parties.

    Half of the council's 48 seats were up for election on Thursday. Labour won 15, the Greens four, the Liberal Democrats four and an independent won one other.

    It means the council is now made up of 32 Labour councillors, nine Liberal Democrats, six Greens and one independent.

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  2. Oxford leader holds her seat

    The Labour leader of Oxford City Council Susan Brown has kept her seat.

    Our reporter Matt Graveling is at the count and tells us that seven wards have been declared so far and they are all holds.

    Labour held five seats, the Green Party one and the Lib Dem one.