Call to investigate recreational cannabis legalisation

BBC Radio Guernsey

Two Guernsey politicians want the Home Affairs Committee to investigate the legalisation of recreational cannabis.

Currently, the cultivation and sale of cannabis containing the psychoactive substance THC above a certain threshold is banned in Guernsey. Importation or possession of the drug is treated with zero tolerance.

Deputies Marc Leadbeater and Charles Parkinson said they wanted the drug to be controlled locally, from plant to distribution, as it was in Canada.

Deputy Leadbeater is a director of a firm with a licence to grow low-THC cannabis for use in cannabidiol (CBD) supplements, as well as the vice president of the Committee for Home Affairs which has have oversight over law enforcment.

The amendment to his own committee's Justice Review Report seeks to control the production and sale of cannabis for leisure purposes in line with the Canada model, which legalised the drug in October 2018.

It directs Home Affairs to consult and come back with a policy letter in a year's time.

The proposals are due to be debated on Wednesday.