Charles Manson

Beach Boys 'played at Charles Manson's funeral'

Charles Manson

The grandson of notorious cult leader Charles Manson chose tracks by The Beach Boys and Guns 'N Roses for Manson's funeral on Saturday, it is reported.

We're guessing not Good Vibrations.

Manson died in November in California aged 83.

In 1969, his followers, known as the Manson Family, killed nine people, including Hollywood actress Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski.

Prior to the murders, the Manson Family had previously lived in a house owned by the Beach Boys drummer, Dennis Wilson, where the musician found himself subsidising Manson's growing entourage.

They were ultimately evicted, stealing from the drummer and trashing his car.

Approximately 25 people attended the private service in California on Saturday which was described as having "a hippie vibe" - though presumably light on the whole 'peace and love' thing.

Manson himself was a "failed rock artist"and his notoriety inspired other musicians: The singer Marilyn Manson took his surname, while the British band Kasabian are named after Linda Kasabian, the Family member who escaped prosecution by giving evidence against her former associates.

It is understood hs cremated remains were scattered on a California hillside.

Charles Manson's music was a macabre sidenote

Mark Savage

Music reporter, BBC News

Charles Manson, the cult leader of the Manson Family, who directed his followers to commit a string of brutal murders in 1969, was one of the most reviled figures in American culture.

A grifter who'd spent most of his adult life in jail, he orchestrated a killing spree with the intention of sparking a race war.

But his original intention when he arrived in California was to become a musician.

A macabre fascination with his music has persisted ever since.

Marilyn Manson chose his stage name to reflect Charles Manson, while Kasabian are named after a member of the cult.

Charles Manson (l) & Kasabian
Getty Images/BBC

Bands like Guns N' Roses, The Lemonheads and Marilyn Manson have covered his songs; while bootleg recordings of his demos, which began circulating during his trial, are now widely available.

The Beach Boys re-worked one of his songs on their 1969 album 20/20 and Neil Young, who met the murderer, was impressed by what he heard.

"He had this kind of music that nobody else was doing," he told rock writer Bill Flanagan.

"He would sit down with the guitar and start playing and make up stuff, different every time."

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