United Utilities makes charity offer to reduce use

Cumbria's water company, United Utilities, is trying to encourage consumers to use less water, by offering to give money to charity.

Running tap
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The company says the warm and dry weather has meant people using more water, but with less rain to top it up.

So they have told customers in Copeland and Allerdale that if they reduce consumption by 150m litres of water by the end of July the company will donate £25,000 to Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

The company says people need to save about 15 litres a day each, and a person uses nine litres less just by not letting the tap run while brushing their teeth.

With no significant rain forecast any time soon, these conditions are taking a heavy toll on the water sources we share with the environment and our reservoir levels are lower than normal.”

Lou Beardmorecustomer director, United Utilities
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