Why I'm leaving Twitch

The platform has apologised after pornography was shown on a former streamer's channel
The streaming platform Twitch has apologised to a former streamer after pornography was hosted on his page. 

Ninja, who has 14.7 million followers, said he was "disgusted" after the top-listed streamer on his profile featured pornographic videos. 

Twitch's CEO apologised to Ninja, saying: "The lewd content that appeared on the Ninja offline channel page grossly violates our terms of service. We've permanently suspended the account in question.

"We have also suspended [recommending other channels on Ninja's page] while we investigate how this content came to be promoted."

Padraig has been on Twitch since 2012, but says he's now leaving.

(Photo: A twitch sign-in screen is seen. Credit: REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage/File Photo)

I got racially abused on a livestream

A South Korean blogger challenges the behaviour of racist strangers
Giannie Lee is a South Korean Twitch streamer, a live streaming platform popular with gamers.  Whilst live streaming a video in a restaurant in Germany two men came over to her and pulled the corners of their eyes in a mocking gesture. She dealt with the situation in a calm non-confrontational manner, and said she deals with racist behaviour on a regular basis.  

(Photo: Giannie Lee. Credit: Giannie Lee)