Outdoor activities

  1. Curling, Neeps and Caterthuns

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    Video caption: Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith with the latest outdoor activities.

    Join Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith for the latest outdoor activities from Shetland to the Borders, plus the key stories for those who live and work in the countryside.

  2. MP calls for Covid rules to allow outdoor education stays

    The Cumbrian MP Tim Farron has called on the government to allow overnight stays at outdoor education centres.

    Tim Farron in House

    The Liberal Democrat MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale told the Commons the centres, including many in Cumbria, could play an important role in promoting the mental health and confidence of young people.

    Responding, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he would look into the matter with colleagues at the Department for Education.

    Quote Message: Most of the centres face closure essentially because the government advice remains against residential school visits even though outdoor education centres are just as Covid-safe as schools." from Tim Farron
    Tim Farron
  3. Big D's Guide To The Outdoors

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    Video caption: If anyone can help you be at one with nature, it's Big D.

    If anyone can help you be at one with nature, it's Big D.

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    Video caption: Covid: ‘Outdoor education could be lost to a generation’

    A ban on residential visits and lack of school trips prompts fears the sector could disappear.

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    Video caption: Cumbrian outdoor education centres ask for government support

    A Cumbrian charity says if they cannot start trading soon they will not be around next year.

  6. Going On A Local Adventure With Ross And Dex The Dog

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    Video caption: Ross and his dog Dex explore their local Lomond Hills in Fife.

    Ross and his dog Dex explore their local Lomond Hills in Fife.

  7. Wildman | Off-Grid In Scotland

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    Video caption: This is Scotland’s answer to Bear Grylls.

    This is Scotland’s answer to Bear Grylls.

  8. Tips For Wild Camping

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    Video caption: Don't be a dirty camper

    Don't be a dirty camper

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    Video caption: Mourne Mountains: 'Fly-camping' on rise as people holiday at home

    The message is simple, leave only your footprints.

  10. Charity hopes clients will return in search of adventure

    A Cumbrian charity offering adventurous activities for people with disabilities says it's confident it can continue until early next year, as long as people start booking stays once it reopens at the end of the month.

    Calvert trust clients in canoes

    The Calvert Trust has a base near Keswick which will host its first group of 20 since lockdown began.

    Justin Farnan, from the Trust, says it has more of a financial buffer than some other organisations, but it's still an uncertain time:

    Quote Message: We absolutely can carry on as we are mothballed but also at reduced capacity for some months.
    Quote Message: But if we get well into 2021 and we're not at least closer to what our usual capacity is, we are in a different situation but we are hoping that's not going to happen." from Justin Farnan
    Justin Farnan