Extra government support for women involved in prostitution

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Extra funding has been pledged to support women involved in prostitution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Scottish government said more than £61,000 will be allocated to nine organisations across the country.

The additional money will enable them to increase their staffing and improve access to support and trauma counselling.

Community Safety Minister Ash Denham said the lockdown has increased the risk of gender-based violence.

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Coronavirus: Sex workers meet clients despite lockdown
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'Social distancing is impossible in a red light area in India'

India's sex workers have been 'forgotten' in coronavirus lockdown
There are more than 650,000 sex workers across India. When the country went into lockdown a month ago, they stopped working along with the rest of the country. 

Some form of subsidy is available for most people who have lost their earnings, but sex workers have been forgotten. The red light districts where many of them live are cramped and social distancing is all but impossible.

Let's go to India now where one group of people have not even really been considered when the authorities have tried  to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus on people's lives.. 

Sandhya is the daughter of a prostitute in one of Mumbai's red light districts and an activist for sex workers rights.

(Photo: Women wait for customers outside a brothel in Kamathipura, Mumbai. Credit: Getty Images)

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