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Womans coughs in face of police officer

A 39-year-old woman has been charged with coughing at a police officer in Newmarket and attempted robbery.

On Thursday morning, a 19-year-old woman was walking along The Avenue, when another woman grabbed her bag which was across her shoulder.

A brief struggle ensued, which resulted in the victim falling to the floor, but she managed to keep hold of the bag and get away from the offender.

A woman was later arrested and coughed in the face of a police officer claiming she had coronavirus, said Suffolk Police.

The accused is due to appear at Ipswich Crown Court later this month.

Number of customers at drive-thru cafe put police 'at risk'

Pete Cooper

BBC News

The Suffolk branch of the Police Federation said an influx of people to a Costa Coffee in Ipswich that reopened at the weekend was putting the police "at risk".

The cafe at the Euro Retail Park was one of 17 Costa branches which reopened across the UK for drive-thru customers only.

Suffolk Chief Constable Steve Jupp said the number of people at the site "caused a big issue" for police, and came at a time when two large neighbouring supermarkets were also busy.

Costa coffee
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The Costa was later shut by staff because of the long queues.

Darren Harris, chairman of the Police Federation in Suffolk, said: "The public's action is putting my members at risk by having to interact with more members of the public than they necessarily need to."

While not illegal, he added that it was not "a reasonable thing to do" to drive to get a take-away coffee.

A spokeswoman for Costa Coffee said safety was their "number one priority".

She said the drive-thru cafes were meant for "key workers on essential journeys" and that other branches had been open offering delivery for other customers.

The branch in east Ipswich is due to reopen later this week.

Police chief calls flouters' actions 'unbelievable'

Steve Jupp
Suffolk Constabulary

The chief constable of Suffolk labelled the actions of a small minority of people ignoring coronavirus restrictions at the weekend as "unbelievable".

Steve Jupp said a couple of officers were coughed or spat at, one was assaulted and another was bitten by a dog when they went to break up street parties.

"By and large Suffolk communities have been sticking to the advice, but there have been a few extremes," he said.

Mr Jupp said it was "unbelievable" and the wider community would be "disappointed" that some people still think "it's alright to travel to friends' houses to have a party, to have a street barbecue, just to push the limits of common sense".