Elizabeth Truss

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    Video caption: Role of Badenoch and Truss questioned over LGBTQ issues

    Kemi Badenoch and Liz Truss are accused of not understanding the LGBTQ issues by a government adviser who has quit her role.

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    Video caption: Truss: Asia Pacific countries 'where the big markets are'

    International trade secretary Liz Truss says the region will provide big markets in the future for British products.

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    Video caption: Crispin Blunt criticises government trans rights stance

    Conservative MP Crispin Blunt has criticised the government's decision to not allow trans people to self-identify.

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    Video caption: GRA: De Cordova and Truss on care for trans people

    Marsha De Cordova criticised the government for not making changes to the Gender Recognition Act.