Cardiff Council

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2012 Seats 2017 Change


Seats 201246 Seats 201740 Change−6


Seats 20127 Seats 201720 Change+13

PartyLiberal Democrat

Seats 201216 Seats 201711 Change−5

PartyPlaid Cymru

Seats 20122 Seats 20173 Change+1


Seats 20124 Seats 20171 Change−3
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  1. Video content

    Video caption: Covid: Hundreds seen partying in Cardiff Bay

    A crowd of people were seen drinking and singing outside the Senedd, despite Covid restrictions.

  2. Video content

    Video caption: Covid in Wales: Litter left after crowds gather in tourist spots

    The clean-up is underway after crowds left piles of litter in beauty spots on one of the hottest days of the year.