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Zimbabweans in London react to news Robert Mugabe has been placed under house arrest
Zimbabwean citizens in London react to the arrest of President Robert Mugabe

Grace Mugabe's son 'faces eviction'

The stepson of Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe is facing eviction from his home over claims he failed to pay rent for over three years.

Businessman Russell Goreraza, who is Grace Mugabe's son from her first marriage, is accused of owing his landlords $65,801 (£49,569) in rent arrears for the property in the capital Harare's upmarket suburb of Highlands.

Lawyers for the property's owners - the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council - have applied to the High Court to evict Mr Goreraza. In their legal application their lawyers state:

The claim is for the eviction of the defendant (Goreraza) and all those claiming occupation through him and payment of the sum of US$65,801 being arrear rentals payable between the parties.

In breach of terms of agreement, the defendant failed to pay rentals from March 2015 to March 2018. Despite demands, the defendant failed to, refused or neglected to pay the arrear rentals."

Grace Mugabe's assault immunity challenged

Nomsa Maseko

BBC Africa, Johannesburg

Grace Mugabe

Afrikaner lobby group Afriforum is heading to court to challenge a decision by the previous South African government to grant Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity.

Zimbabwe’s former first lady is accused of assaulting model Gabriella Engels with an electric cord at an upmarket Johannesburg hotel, where her two sons were staying, in August last year.

Mrs Mugabe was expected to appear in court over the incident, but, in a controversial turn of events, the South African government granted her diplomatic immunity which allowed her to leave the country in the middle of the night.

The lobby group AfriForum, which is representing Mrs Mugabe’s alleged assault victim, wants the high court to annul the diplomatic immunity from prosecution granted to the former Zimbabwean first lady.

Mrs Mugabe has denied attacking the model and said she was defending herself from a knife wielding and intoxicated young woman.

The application by AfriForum will be heard over two days and, if successful, it would pave the way for South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority to resume legal action against Mrs Mugabe.

Mugabe 'apologises' to Mujuru - and blames Mnangagwa

People's Rainbow Coalition leader Joice Mujuru speaks at a press conference where she called for a transitional arrangement tending to the economy and electoral reform, on November 16, 2017, in Harare.
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Zimbabwe's former president Robert Mugabe has apologised for firing his one-time deputy, laying the blame at his successor's door, according to her spokesman.

Joice Mujuru and Mr Mugabe met at his Blue Roof mansion on Tuesday, Gift Nyandoro told Zimbabwean newspaper Newsday.

The former allies were understood to have been on bad terms since Mr Mugabe fired Ms Mujuru as vice-president and deputy leader of the ruling Zanu PF party in 2014.

It is widely believed that Grace Mugabe, Mr Mugabe's wife, was actually behind Ms Mujuru's departure.

She previously claimed the vice-president was "corrupt, an extortionist, incompetent, a gossiper, a liar and ungrateful".

But Mr Nyandoro said the former leader claimed President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, were behind Ms Mujuru's firing.

According to Mr Nyandoro, Mr Mugabe said:

It was a grand plan to get to me and not yourself."

Mr Nyandoro's statement comes a day after Ms Mujuru, now president of the opposition National People's Party, was attacked with rocks while holding a political rally.

In an interview with Voice of America Zimbabwe, Ms Mujuru said she felt "vindicated" following her meeting with Mr Mugabe.

“He was telling me what happened was wrong, he was misinformed,” she added, hinting that President Mnangagwa was behind the misinformation.

Ms Mujuru told the station she forgave Mr and Mrs Mugabe a long time ago and that the former president seemed happy and well.