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    Video caption: Lord Howe Island: Saving an Australian paradise's 'cloud forest'

    A rare environment on Australia's Lord Howe Island has faced a complex battle for survival.

  2. Sublime Seagrass

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    Video caption: Can underwater seagrass meadows make a comeback to reduce our carbon?

    Seagrasses are great carbon sinks - said to be up to 35 times better than the rainforest. Can the underwater meadows being planted around the UK help us reach carbon zero?

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    Video caption: James Lovelock: Gaia theory creator on coronavirus and turning 101

    British scientist James Lovelock says population growth means something like the virus is "almost inevitable".

  4. Silencing with Noise

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    Video caption: How is the rising tide of man-made noise affecting our wildlife and what can be done?

    On land and underwater, animals use sound to communicate. This is against a rising tide of man-made noise. What happens if you can’t hear or be heard? Can anything be done?

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    Video caption: Seagrass: A million seeds planted off Pembrokeshire coast

    The underwater plant is key to reducing carbon dioxide, say the experts.

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    Video caption: Peatlands project: 'We want to restore this fantastic landscape'

    Ecologists want to restore an area of land once referred to as the Alps of Glamorgan.

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    Video caption: Carbon-reducing Seagrass to be planted off Pembrokeshire coast

    Acres of seagrass which 'takes 35 times more carbon dioxide from the air' than rainforests to be restored.

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    Video caption: Plan to future-proof the ecology of Thetford Forest

    How we use our forests has evolved from timber and food production to recreation.