Typhoon Mangkhut

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CCTV shows hillside collapse in Philippines landslide
A landslide in the Philippines has killed more than 20 people, reducing hillside homes to rubble.
Typhoon Mangkhut: People buried by landslide
Rescuers in the Philippines are searching for bodies buried by a landslide that hit as one of the most powerful storms in decades battered the region.

Living through Typhoon Mangkhut on the 49th floor

The super typhoon tested Hong Kong's skyscrapers to the limit
Windows were shattered and buildings swayed as Typhoon Mangkhut hit Hong Kong. The storm - which was given the highest classification of T10 - had previously devastated the Philippines and has since continued to the southern provinces of China.

Patrick Brousseau lives in one of Hong Kong's high rise buildings. What was it like sheltering from Typhoon Mangkhut in his apartment on the 49th floor?

(Photo: Hong Kong in the hours after Typhoon Mangkhut. Credit: Getty Images)
Typhoon Mangkhut: Hong Kong latest to face storm
High winds and heavy rain damage buildings and streets as Typhoon Mangkhut passes over Hong Kong.

Twin storms: Florence and Mangkhut

Twin storms: Florence and Mangkhut