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Road closure marks start of plans to reopen Watford

Access to the High Street in Watford is being closed from Water Lane - by the blue pyramid - in order to prepare for a "safe, phased reopening" of the town centre, the borough council has said.

Watford High Street

The authority said Hertfordshire County Council was closing the road from tomorrow with no access to the lower part of the High Street through to Kings Street for vehicles except for buses, delivery vehicles, taxis and blue badge holders.

It's to allow visitors, and those who work in the town centre, to move around safely, queue if needed and maintain social distancing.

The town's elected mayor, Peter Taylor, said: "Watford town centre is such an important part of our town and we know people will be looking forward to seeing it come to life again.

"However, it is critical we put everyone’s safety first and making sure people have enough shared space is vital... but we must remember staying at home is still the best way to stay safe and stop the spread of the virus."

Watford Council makes 'small' changes after government announcements

Katy Lewis

BBC News Online

Watford Borough Council has said it is making some "small" changes from today in the light of the recent government announcements on Covid-19 restrictions.

Cassiobury Park
Watford Council

Public car parks will reopen including those at Cassiobury Park, Cheslyn Gardens, King George V Playing Fields and Radlett Road Playing Fields.

Public tennis courts and West Herts Golf Club will open but outdoor gyms and playgrounds will remain shut and parking enforcement will be reintroduced on St Albans Road and Whippendell Road.

Elected mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said: "We are making these changes in our town following the new advice but we still have a long way to go in tackling this virus.

"It is important that people continue to stay at home as much as they can, that we keep two metres away from other people when we are out and wash our hands when we return home."

Bushey bakes for binmen and women

A collection of sweet treats, cakes and biscuits have been handed to the recycling and waste collections team at Watford Borough Council.

The kind donation came from Bushey Community Bake Off.

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District councils get more of government share of money

Andy Holmes

BBC Three Counties Radio political reporter

Councils across Beds, Herts and Bucks have received details of their latest round of emergency funding from the government to help deal with the pandemic.

In the second £1.6bn handout, Luton Council, which has said the shutdown at Luton Airport will leave them with a £45m shortfall, will get a further £5.8m, which is a slight increase.

Hertfordshire County Council is getting less this time around and the government has said this payment is not ring-fenced for adult social care like the first round of funding, so the council could spend it on whatever it wants.

After the first allocation, there were concerns from district councils that they had missed out, having arguably lost more since the start of the pandemic because they get a lot of funds from car park charges and revenue from leisure centres that are currently closed.

This time, the districts have got a much larger share, some having gone from thousands to more than £1m.

  • Bedford Borough: £4.7m - up £600,000
  • Broxbourne Borough: £958,000 - up £917,000
  • Bucks Unitary Authority*: £14.9m - up £4.5m
  • Central Beds: £7.9m - up £2.4m
  • Dacorum District: £1.5m - up £1,447,000
  • East Herts District: £1.4m - up £1,353,000
  • Herts County Council: £21.7m - down £4.4m
  • Hertsmere Borough: £1m - up £953,000
  • Luton Borough: £5.8m - up £400,000
  • Milton Keynes Borough: £7.4m - up £1.4m
  • North Herts District: £1.3m - up £1,252,000
  • St Albans City and District: £1.4m - up £1,356,000
  • Stevenage Borough: £871,000 - up £826,000
  • Three Rivers District: £920,000 - up £885,000
  • Watford Borough: £959,000 - up £909,000
  • Welwyn Hatfield Borough: £1.2m - £1,149,000

* the Bucks Unitary Authority replaced Bucks County Council, Aylesbury Vale DC, Chiltern DC, South Bucks DC and Wycombe DC on 1 April.

Hundreds of toiletries donated to hospitals

Praise has been heaped upon Yovi and Ellis, the founders of Chippefield Covid-19 Outreach team, who have donated hundreds of toiletries so hospitals in Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans.

Watford Borough Council thanked them in this tweet.

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Watford family decorate pavement to say 'thank you' to NHS

Pete Cooper

BBC News

This chalk art work has appeared on the pavement of Watford's Kingswood Estate

Watford Borough Council tweeted pictures of the drawings, created by the Lee family.

street art
Watford Borough Council
street art
Watford Borough Council
street art
Watford Borough Council

Watford police met with 'negative attitudes'

Katy Lewis

BBC News Online

Police officers in Watford said they had been very busy over the weekend and "fines have been issued now for persons in blatant disregard" of social distancing.

It said they were "still being met with negative attitudes and responses" from people they were trying to move on.

They said these included:

  • "I don’t care if I get sick or spread it, that’s not my problem"
  • "We don’t live in the same house but we’re standing 6ft apart when we kick the football"
  • "I'm driving because I need to use the car wash, I've got bird poo on my car, and this car costs 90 grand"
  • "But I'm bored at home"
  • "I've traveled from London to get some paint"

"These are difficult times for us all but please help us by respecting the government guidance and don’t take it personally when officers move you on, we’re all in the same boat. We want to keep you safe," a statement said.

On Saturday, Watford Borough Council, in conjunction with police, had to close Cassiobury Park car park as it was full and making social distancing in the park "very difficult".

No change at Watford as Lib Dems retain control

Watford Borough Council remains in the hands of the Liberal Democrats.

The party held its 13 seats, while Labour held three, leaving the Lib Dems in control, with 26 wards to Labour's 10.

No other parties hold seats.

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