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A third of the seats in Plymouth were up for election this year. Find out more about these elections.

Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 11 Total councillors 31 Change+4


Elected in 2018 8 Total councillors 26 Change-1


Elected in 2018 0 Total councillors 0 Change-3
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Council seeks printer 'in case of second Brexit poll'

Ed Oldfield

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Plymouth City Council is urgently seeking a printer for election material in case of a second Brexit referendum or even a sudden general election.

The council is inviting bids from specialist printers for an initial period of two years, but is treating the matter as urgent because of the time it takes to print and distribute documents including polling cards, ballot papers and postal ballot packs.

Local elections are scheduled across the city next May, except the Plympton Chaddlewood ward, and the council will need to start preparations four months earlier.

The next general election is scheduled for May 2022, but political uncertainty over the Brexit process has led to calls for a second referendum on any deal, or for a general election, ahead of the UK’s planned departure from the EU in March.

A report to the city council warned that, if the matter was not treated urgently, there was "a risk that a national snap unscheduled election or referenda could be called whilst the council is out of contract".

Plymouth City Council

Children in care contribute to city facing £3m overspend

Ed Oldfield

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Plymouth City Council is having to further tighten its belt to avoid overspending by almost £3m by the end of the year - partly driven by the rising number of children in care.

Councillors are being told the budget already takes into account £11m of savings this year, after £18m cuts last year.

The biggest pressures come from spending on the increased number of looked-after children and a rise in the number of adults needing social care. Each service was heading towards being more than £500,000 over budget by the end of the year.

A report says there are currently 38 residential placements with budget for 36, and 25 supported living placements with budget for 15.

There were 432 children in care in Plymouth by the end of June - up by more than a tenth from last year.

The council's annual spending on services - known as the revenue budget - has been set at just over £185.5m. A monitoring report from the first three months of the financial year up to June forecasts a potential overspend of almost £2.9m.

Now the council is planning to bring forward more measures to find the extra savings to balance the books by April next year.

Government funding for the council has fallen by £70m since 2013.

Plymouth City Council

Councillors clash over cash hikes

Tamsin Melville

Political Reporter

Plymouth councillors have clashed over plans to give staff extra cash for doing more work.

The Labour-led local authority voted in favour of paying councillors more money for taking on extra responsibilities.

Conservative Cllr Nick Cracker has criticised the plans…

While Labour's Cllr Pam Buchan spoke out in support of the move…

Row over cash boost for councillors

Tamsin Melville

Political Reporter

There's a row over whether some city councillors in Plymouth should get extra money for taking on additional responsibilties.

The Labour-led authority voted for a cash boost if they take on a greater workload, but the move's been branded a "shameful hike" by Conservatives.

Tudor Evans and Plymouth City Councillors

It's dividing those who say more money is vital to attract a wider range of people to the role and those who say there's no justification in a time of austerity.

Plymouth City Council approves more cash for extra duties

Jenny Kumah

BBC South West politics reporter

Plans to give more Plymouth city councillors more cash for taking on extra duties have been voted in this afternoon.

An independent panel recommended that some roles should attract a "special responsibility allowance".

Some councillors, such as the leader and cabinet members, already received a special responsibility allowance as well as their basic allowance.

Twenty-seven Labour member of the Labour-led authority were in favour, while 22 Conservatives voted against.

Council 'assistant cabinet' members may get more money

Jenny Kumah

BBC South West politics reporter

Plymouth City Council chamber

Plans to give more Plymouth city councillors more money for extra duties they take on will be voted on later.

An independent panel is recommending that a further nine roles should qualify for what's called "the special responsibility allowance".

A decision will also be made on plans to create up to four new "assistant cabinet" positions attracting payment of more than £2,500.

Plymouth councillors claimed nearly £1m last year

Chris Baker

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Plymouth's councillors claimed almost £1m in allowances and expenses during the last financial year, it's been revealed.

Outgoing council leader Ian Bowyer claimed the most, with a total of £47,541.

His basic allowance of £10,575, paid to all councillors, was topped up with a special responsibility allowance of £31,728, and £525 for subsistence (food and drink).

Pymouth City Council offices

Tudor Evans, the new council leader, received £22,983, comprising the same basic allowance, with a payment for special responsibilities of £10,575, and £38 for subsistence.

In total, £990,727 was paid to the 57 councillors in the 2017/18 financial year.

Subsistence payments to councillors ranged from £525 paid to Ian Bowyer, to £5.10 claimed by George Wheeler.

Devon councils invests in large property portfolio

Jenny Kumah

BBC South West politics reporter

Councils in Devon are investing in commercial property developments to help fund services as they deal with government funding cuts.

Both Torbay Council and Plymouth City Council are among those involved, and some of the properties purchased are miles away.


In Torbay the council has taken out £138m in low interest government loans and has a portfolio including a retail park in Torquay, and a warehouse distribution centre in Kent.

Plymouth City Council has acquired £60m of commercial property using a mixture of council funds and short-term borrowing.

Critics say it's a dangerous gamble if the property bubble bursts. But the councillors involved say it is helping them avoid making cuts.

The BBC has contacted the government for a response.

'Labour can win the next general election' - Bradshaw

Hayley Westcott

BBC News Online

Labour "would have hoped to have done better" in the local elections but can learn lessons from Plymouth and Exeter, a Devon MP has said.

Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter, says he is "confident Labour can win the next election".

The party held on to its majority in Exeter and Labour took control of Plymouth City Council by gaining four seats from the Conservatives.