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Petition against Swindon supermarket closure gains 600 signatures


A petition opposing the potential closure of a supermarket in Swindon town centre has drawn more than 600 signatures in five days.

Morrisons is proposing to close its Regent Circus store, which employs 113 staff, as part of a nationwide performance review. The store is one of four branches around the UK earmarked for closure.

The store opened in October 2014 in a new leisure and retail complex designed to regenerate the site of a derelict former college building.

Swindon Borough Council has said plans to shut the store were "disappointing".

Liberal Democrat councillor Stan Pajak is behind the petition which he hopes will make Morrisons reconsider.

Recycling made compulsory in Swindon

Full recycling box
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Families in Swindon could find their rubbish isn't collected - if they refuse to recycle.

At the start of the month the council made it compulsory for people to separate recycling from their general waste.

They've employed a team of wardens to check on wheelie bins and say collections will only be suspended as a final resort if families refuse to recycle.

Businessman's £750m plan for Swindon regeneration revealed

Swindon town centre

A £750m plan to regenerate Swindon town centre has been revealed.

Multi-millionaire businessman Dr Laurie Marsh put forward a proposal two years ago which includes a monorail and university campus to Swindon Borough Council.

The project would be funded by the sale of council assets by way of a charitable trust.

Mr Marsh said the council has "dramatic assets" that are "under-utilized".

However the council has rejected the scheme saying it is "a pipe dream".