Driving and mobile phones

  1. Drivers texting on motorway going past 10 police officers

    Andrew Segal

    BBC South West

    Two drivers are to get prosecution papers in the post after being seen using their mobile phones while driving past 10 police officers dealing with a motorway crash, police have said.

    The Alliance Roads Policing tweeted that they were seen heading south on the M5 near Tiverton on Monday afternoon.

    Drivers can get six penalty points and a £200 fine if prosecuted for using a hand-held phone when driving, the law says.

    Anyone who has passed their driving test in the previous two years will lose their licence.

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    Video caption: Drivers caught watching films and FaceTiming

    Thirty drivers have been caught in one day for offences including watching movies, video-calling and making phone calls while on busy roads.

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    Video caption: M1 minibus crash: Family calls for hands-free ban

    The family of a man who was killed in a minibus crash are calling for hands-free calls while driving to be banned.

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    Video caption: Thatcham Research: 50 years of improving car safety

    Work carried out at Thatcham Research in Berkshire has helped to save more than 15,000 lives.

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    Video caption: Driving simulator highlights dangers of hands-free calls

    BBC presenter Jon Cuthill took part in an experiment to test whether his hazard perception was affected.

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    Video caption: Seth Dixon was killed while crossing the road outside his house.

    Seth Dixon was killed while crossing the road outside his house. The driver was using a hands-free phone set which is not illegal.