Manchester Arena attack

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    Video caption: Reunited after the Manchester Arena bombing

    Usman and Sharon were connected forever after being caught up in the bombing's aftermath.

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    Video caption: Abedi brother refuses to engage over bomb inquiry

    The BBC asks the Manchester Arena attacker's brother why he is not co-operating with a public inquiry.

  3. Arena victim's mother to talk to counter-terror students

    The mother of one of the victims in the Manchester Arena bombing is speaking to students in Cumbria today, as they start a course in advanced counter-terrorism.

    Figen Murray and Marty Hett

    Figen Murray's son, Martyn Hett, was 29 when he was killed in the terror attack.

    She'll be speaking to students on their first day at the University of Cumbria's Ambleside campus.

    Quote Message: I want to tell them my story and what happened to us and how it affected us and the other families, so that it makes it real, about real people who could be affected." from Figen Murray
    Figen Murray
  4. Victim's mother joins students at counter-terror course

    The mother of one of the young people who died in the Manchester arena bombing in 2017 will join the first 12 students on the first day of a new counter terrorism course at the University of Cumbria later this month.

    Figen Murray and Marty Hett

    Figen Murray's son, Martyn Hett, was 29 years old when he was killed in the 2017 terror attack which claimed 22 young lives.

    The 12-week, part-time course at the Ambleside campus trains students on managing the risk of terrorism at venues and sites, and Ms Murray said it was imperative that people at places like the Manchester arena had the right skills.

    Quote Message: It currently feels that terrorists are a step or two ahead of the rest of us, but hopefully the university’s advanced diploma will help close some of the gaps.” from Figen Murray
    Figen Murray
  5. Family of Gateshead woman pay tribute at Arena inquiry

    The family of 19-year-old Courtney Boyle, from Gateshead, have been paying tribute to her at the Manchester Arena Inquiry.

    Courtney and her mother's partner Philip Tron, 32, were killed in the Manchester Arena attack on 22 May.

    The pair had travelled from the North East to pick up her sister after the Ariana Grande concert.

    Twenty-two people died when a bomb was detonated as people left the arena.

    Courtney's mum Deborah Hutchinson has been reading her statement in court. She said: "She had become a gorgeous woman with a caring nature to match.

    "It was the happiest I had seen my Courtney and she was loving life as a student."

    Courtney was studying at Leeds Beckett University.

    Deborah was in Manchester with Courtney the night she died.

    Courtney Boyles
    Quote Message: I can still see my daughter's smile as she left the car that night. Knowing that her life has been cruelly taken from her, she had a beautiful heart and always put others first." from Deborah Hutchinson
    Deborah Hutchinson
  6. Manchester Arena Inquiry: Terror attack investigation opens

    The public inquiry into the Manchester Arena terror attack begins later.

    The hearing comes more than three years after Salman Abedi set off a bomb as people left a concert on 22 May 2017, killing himself and 22 others, including a number from the North East.

    It was due to start in June, but was delayed by the trial of Abedi's brother Hashem, who was jailed for at least 55 years for 22 murders on 20 August.

    The inquiry is being held at Manchester Magistrates' Court, less than a mile away from where the bombing happened.

    The Manchester Arena Inquiry was established on 22 October 2019 by Home Secretary Priti Patel with the aim of investigating the victims' deaths.

    Ms Patel said it was "vital that those who survived or lost loved ones... get the answers that they need and that we learn the lessons, whatever they may be".

    Montage of victims
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    Video caption: Manchester Arena attack: 'This inquiry should be about transparency'

    The parents of the youngest victim of the Manchester Arena terror attack speak about their feelings, ahead of a public inquiry.

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    Video caption: Manchester Arena attack: Victim's family welcomes sentence

    The family of Manchester bombing victim Martyn Hett welcomes the 55-year sentence given to Hashem Abedi.