Plastic surgery

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    Video caption: Face and hand transplant patient: 'I want to get back to normal living'

    Joe DiMeo is the recipient of the world's first successful face and double hand transplant.

  2. Undue Influence

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    Video caption: The relationship between social media influencers and clinics promoting cosmetic surgery.

    Inside the world of the social media influencers who promote an idealized body image, and make money from persuading others to go under the knife to attain it.

  3. Episode 5: What dreams may come

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    Video caption: One of the world's highest-earning MLM'ers and former top OneCoin seller, agrees to talk.

    'Who is to blame?' One of the world's highest-earning MLM'ers, and former top OneCoin seller, agrees to talk.

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    Video caption: Fixing the scars of Beirut's explosion

    A plastic surgeon is offering free surgery to people like Romy, who was driving near the port when the blast hit.

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    Video caption: Cosmetic surgery: 'I wish I didn't have it done in Turkey'

    A woman is facing reconstructive surgery after having cosmetic procedures in Turkey.

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    Video caption: Huda Kattan: Hijab wearers can still express themselves

    Beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan says women can still express themselves in conservative Muslim societies.

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    Video caption: My Implants Are Making Me Ill - a Newsbeat documentary

    There are claims the UK is failing to warn women about a strange illness linked to breast implants.

  8. Harley Medical up for sale: reports

    Harley Medical customer

    Plastic surgery firm The Harley Medical Group is in talks about a sale, according to a report on Sky News.

    The report suggests owner Rcapital is in detailed talks with a number of prospective buyers seven years after it acquired the business.

    However there were no details of the prospective transaction, including the identities of bidders or the price that a deal might command.

    Harley Medical offers a range of cosmetic surgery procedures from 20 clinics, as well as laser and skin treatment.

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    Video caption: 'Our surgeons left the country after our cosmetic surgery'

    Surgeons who fly in from abroad are leaving patients exposed if complications arise, the BBC finds.