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Uganda and Huawei deny spying on Bobi Wine
The Ugandan government has denied allegations that it worked with tech firm Huawei to crack the encrypted communications of popular musician-turned-MP Bobi Wine.

Uganda denies spying on pop star MP Bobi Wine

The Ugandan government has denied allegations made in a report in the Wall Street Journal that it worked with technicians from the telecoms company Huawei to crack the encrypted communications of popular musician-turned-MP Bobi Wine.

There was no evidence in the report that Huawei executives in China were aware of what was happening in Africa.

Huawei described the allegations as "unfounded and inaccurate".

Ugandan government spokesman Ofowno Opondo told BBC Focus on Africa TV that they were "false".

"In Uganda we run a transparent democratic system. The opposition politicians speak their mind openly... there is no need to use underhand methods to find out what they are saying."

When challenged that Uganda had been accused of spying on opponents in the past, Mr Opondo said, "There will always be bad apples in the system."

In 2015, the BBC reported that the Ugandan government used surveillance technology which was deployed to crush and potentially blackmail opponents. The report was denied by the government at the time.

Bobi Wine has been an MP for two years and portrays himself as a champion of the poor, and sings about social justice and democracy.

He intends to run against President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 election.

Mr Museveni has been in power since 1986, and is seeking a sixth term.

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Ugandan musician dies after abduction and torture

Dear Jeanne

BBC Africa, Kampala

A musician who was close to Ugandan pop star and opposition MP Bobi Wine has died of his injuries after being abducted and tortured.

Allinda Michael, known by his stage name Ziggy Wine, was managed by Bobi Wine’s Firebase Crew music label.

He was kidnapped on 21 July on his way to recording studios in the capital, Kampala.

He was found a week later missing his left eye and two of his fingers. He died in hospital on Sunday night.

Police say they have begun an investigation into his death, but they allege the family is not co-operating.

Both Bobi Wine, a fierce critic of President Yoweri Musevi, and Ziggy Wine’s family believe the state may have had a hand in the abduction.

Ziggy Wine was a strong supporter of Bobi Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, and his movement known as “People Power”.

His torture and death have shocked many - and fans and journalists gathered outside Mulago Hospital earlier on Monday as the hearse carrying his body left the mortuary:

A hearse with Ziggy Wine’s body leaves Mulago hospital mortuary in Kampala, Uganda

Bobi Wine, whose trial on charges of treason begins on Tuesday, tweeted about the death of his friend, saying that he had succumbed to his injuries after a "horrendous encounter with kidnap and torture".

"He joins other countless Ugandans. As we mourn him, we resolve to work even harder to end this," he said.

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