Forensic science

Unpaid forensics roles a 'disaster in waiting'

A forensic specialist from Hexham has called West Midlands Police's appeal for volunteer digital forensic analysts a "disaster waiting to happen".

The force has advertised the unpaid roles which involve sifting through "distressing [and] indecent images".

Forensics professionals have expressed concerns that volunteers working at least 16 hours a month will not receive adequate emotional support.

Sam Raincock said on Twitter: "I actually cannot believe what I have read here.

"It is an absolute disgrace and a disaster waiting to happen."

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Solving crime with art

Native American Harvey Pratt on his unusual artistic career
Harvey Pratt is a Native American artist who became a pioneer of a technique called soft tissue post-mortem drawing. For the past fifty years, Harvey has been using his artistic skills to reconstruct disfigured bodies and help with forensic investigations. Harvey is also a painter and a sculptor and he has designed the National Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. (Photo courtesy of Harvey Pratt.)