Mesh implants

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    Video caption: 'I paid thousands for US surgeon to remove my mesh implant'

    Anne Monie is hoping the public purse will reimburse the money she paid a US surgeon to remove the mesh implant which caused her years of pain.

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    Video caption: Mesh implant sufferer 'overwhelmed' by US surgery news

    A woman who suffered debilitating pain from a mesh implant 15 years ago is "overwhelmed" at news she can have it removed at a clinic in America.

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    Video caption: Nadine Dorries apologises to women after Cumberlege review

    The health minister has apologised to women, after the Cumberlege review published on Wednesday.

  4. Pelvic mesh surgery: "So many are still suffering in silence"

    A Cumbrian woman who avoided undergoing pelvic mesh surgery says she welcomes a highly critical review of the treatment, but says more needs to be done to ensure the procedure is banned.

    Pelvic mesh implant

    Julie Monteverde suffered a pelvic organ prolapse in 2016, but refused the mesh surgery because of safety concerns.

    The mesh implant has left some women with internal damage and agonising chronic pain, which some say is "like razors inside the body".

    A review has found that officials failed to listen to concerns about the procedure, often writing them off as "women's problems" and has called on the government to apologise and to set up specialist centres for those affected.

    Quote Message: They get brushed off as though they're hysterical and they're women and it's their fault and it's not serious. So there are loads of people who are still suffering in silence."
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    Video caption: Womens' lives ruined by vaginal mesh implants

    They have been telling their stories as part of a review about the procedure.

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    Video caption: 'I have been in pain for so many years'

    A woman who finally had pelvic mesh removed said the hardest part was feeling no-one believed her pain.