Iran-Iraq earthquake

Listen: Six-year-old sends belongings to Iran to help with earthquake

A six-year-old boy gave away some of his most treasured belongings to help victims of the recent earthquake along the Iran-Iraq border.

Rodin Saravi, a pupil at Manor Park Primary School in Sutton, south London, was provided with 100 first class stamps by Royal Mail to fund the international package after they heard about his plan.

More than 400 people have died and at least 7,000 people are injured in what has been the deadliest earthquake of the year so far.

His mother Salome, who grew up in Iran, said: "I'm very very proud of him.

"He decided to give away some of his favourite toys and his favourite coat."

Concern over Iraq's Darbandikhan dam after earthquake
BBC Arabic's Rami Ruhayem reports from Iraq's Darbandikhan dam which has developed cracks following Sunday's earthquake.
TV channel live on air during Iraq-Iran earthquake
A Kurdish channel was live on air when Sunday night's earthquake hit the northern border regions of Iraq and Iran.