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A third of the seats in Calderdale were up for election this year. Find out more about these elections.

Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 10 Total councillors 24 Change+1


Elected in 2018 4 Total councillors 19 Change-2

PartyLiberal Democrat

Elected in 2018 2 Total councillors 6 Change+1


Elected in 2018 1 Total councillors 2 ChangeNo results
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Calder Valley MP to 'ensure referendum result honoured'

Following the biggest defeat in parliamentary history last night, when Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal was rejected by 230 votes, the Conservative MP for the Calder Valley, Craig Whittaker, says he'll work hard to see the will of the people is honoured.

Mr Whittaker was one of only three West Yorkshire MPs to give the deal his backing:

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'Natural' winter flood schemes begin in West Yorkshire

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Almost £300,000 is being spent on getting 17 "natural" flood protection schemes started in West Yorkshire this winter.

Calderdale flooding
Getty Images

Natural flood management uses processes to slow the rate of water run-off and increase the volume of water the landscape can hold.

The schemes in Calderdale include 15,775 sq m of storage pond space, 2,800 trees being planted, 142 "leaky dams" to be built, 105 metres of fascines to be created and 728 metres of hedges to be planted or restored.

More than 3,000 properties were flooded in the Calder Valley in December 2015.

Communities in Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby Bridge and other areas were badly hit by the floodwaters.

Calderdale Flood Recovery and Resilience Board, which discussed progress, heard these projects complement traditional hard engineering techniques to provide another, "natural, element" to flood defences.

Serious criminals face ban on becoming taxi drivers

People convicted of serious criminal offences, including violence and terrorism, could be banned from becoming a taxi or minicab driver in parts of Yorkshire.

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Currently, people convicted of these crimes and others, including drink and drug-driving, can still apply for a licence after a certain time has elapsed and only once they've completed their sentences.

But members of the public are now being asked to have their say on a proposal to introduce higher and consistent standards for Hackney carriage and private hire licensed drivers who have been convicted of offences.

Bradford, Calderdale, Leeds, Kirklees, Wakefield and York Councils are proposing a policy which will provide a common legal position, meaning drivers who've committed serious criminal offences will never be licensed.

We believe the introduction of a new policy will provide greater confidence for those who use Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles and will also ensure our passengers are as safe as possible."

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council

'Mayor training' questions in Calderdale

Does a need mayor need training?

That's the question councillors in Calderdale are wrestling with.

The borough, which covers Halifax in West Yorkshire, currently offers training for people taking on the role of the first citizen, but it isn't mandatory.

Coun Marcus Thompson, pictured with Mayoress Nicky Chance-Thompson

One of the borough's former civic heads, Coun Lisa Lambert (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden), said the training, which colleagues on some other councils were expected to undertake, offered advice and guidance to help new mayors through civic protocols they will have to negotiate.

Officers say it is designed to recognise the mayor's role as first citizen of the borough, say the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

This role is being filled this year by Coun Marcus Thompson, pictured with Mayoress Nicky Chance-Thompson above.

The training is to ensure they were aware of their commitments and equip them for the situations they would be involved in and the demands made upon them.

But another councillor said while pleased the training was there, it should not be mandatory.

Toppling tower to change Brighouse skyline

A chimney stack which has towered above land near Brighouse since 1992 is due to be demolished later.


The chimney, off Cooper Bridge Road next to the River Calder, is part of the old sewage sludge incinerator which Yorkshire Water is replacing with a brand new £57m digester.

It was damaged during the 2015 Boxing Day Floods, meaning sludge had to be transported off site to be treated elsewhere.

The new digester will turn human waste into electricity which will feed into the national grid to power homes in Calderdale and Kirklees.

New £100,000 bus lane cameras in Calderdale

More than £100,000 is being spent on trialing more bus lane cameras in parts of Calderdale.

A bus lane camera

Three cameras, which will use automatic number plate recognition to identify drivers using bus lanes illegally, will be purchased.

Fines will be automatically issued to drivers breaking the rules.

Raising dough for charity with giant toast picture

A West Yorkshire School is hoping to be the toast of the town after it attempts to raise some dough today with a giant record-breaking attempt.

Ryburn Valley High

Ryburn Valley High in Calderdale is hoping to create the world's largest picture made out of toast, which currently stands at 174 sq metres.

They'll use over 13,000 slices of bread and 756 loaves of bread, while raising money for children's cancer and assistance dog charities.

The image, designed by a student, will be toasted to six different shades of brown.

A record breaking attempt is a fantastic opportunity to bring a community together for a challenge. It’s something people will remember for a long time."

Ryburn Valley High