Redditch Borough Council

2021 Conservative hold, from 2019

Counting complete. After 9 of 9 seats declared.

Change compared with 2019
  1. Conservative

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 9
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +7
    • Councillors overall total 25
  2. Labour

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 0
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -7
    • Councillors overall total 4
  1. Redditch Tory losses 'are victims of the national picture'

    Tom Edwards

    Reporter, BBC Hereford & Worcester

    The Conservative leader of Redditch Borough Council said his party's poor performance is because "we are victims of the national picture".

    Matthew Dormer told the BBC that, despite keeping control, their loss of three councillors, including their deputy leader, is down to national issues.

    "People are not happy. They have voted and in a way which punishes us as a controlling party. It is tough, very tough," he said.

    Deputy leader Gemma Monaco said losing her seat left her "devastated" and "the national picture is not good and we have been punished as a consequence".

  2. Analysis: Torrid, bitter night for Tories in Redditch

    Tom Edwards

    Reporter, BBC Hereford & Worcester

    It was a bitter night for the Conservatives in Redditch as they lost some senior political figures on the council, including their deputy leader.

    Mathematically it was impossible for the Tories to lose overall control of Redditch Borough Council as they went into the count holding 23 of the 29 seats and only a third of them were up for grabs.

    But they suffered some great losses overnight with their deputy leader Gemma Monaco being defeated by Labour in Batchley & Brockhill and Councillor Mike Rouse - a cabinet member who won his seat in Church Hill by one vote in 2018 - also being booted out by just 65 votes.

    Labour now have seven councillors in Redditch after winning key seats in Abbey, Church Hill and Batchley & Brockhill.

    The Conservatives still control the council as they have 20 councillors of the 29.

  3. Labour give Tories a bloody nose in Redditch

    Tom Edwards

    Reporter, BBC Hereford & Worcester

    The Conservatives may have kept control of Redditch Council but they have had a bloody nose in this election from Labour.

    While the Tories have a majority of 11, they lost three seats to Labour including deputy leader Gemma Monaco’s seat in Batchley and ex-deputy leader Mike Rouse's Church Hill seat.

  4. Redditch Council held by Conservative Party

    Tom Edwards

    Reporter, BBC Hereford & Worcester

    Redditch Council has been held by the Conservatives after they held two of their seats in early declarations at the count.

    Counting in Redditch

    The Tories only needed 17 for a majority and, with 16 of their seats not being contested at this election, have moved quickly back into control.

    However the Conservative leader, Matt Dormer, said success would be holding what they have got. “It hasn’t been too great on the doorsteps, to be honest. It’s been tough," he told me.

    Labour have held two seats out of the four declared.

  5. West Midlands results to watch out for

    Here are some of the key contests to look out for tonight in the West Midlands - be aware, low turnouts in some areas could mean results come through more quickly than expected.

    Tamworth: The Conservative majority is unassailable. Last year they won every ward. If they did so again, Labour would be reduced to a single seat.

    Estimated result declaration: 02:00

    Worcester: The Conservatives eked out a majority of one last year. There are a couple of Labour seats in their targets this year but they also have to defend in Claines against the Lib Dems. So it could slip into hung territory again.

    Estimated result declaration: 02:00

    Counting in Worcester

    Redditch: Labour won here in 2016 but the Conservatives captured the council in 2018, when boundaries changed, and last year became almost completely dominant. A repeat performance would see Labour reduced to a single seat so, clearly, they'll be looking to turn the tide.

    Estimated result declaration: 02:30

    Sandwell: Labour's majority is unassailable. However, the government said in January it was minded to appoint commissioners to run the council after a series of misconduct allegations. Keir Starmer has also said there needs to be change at the council.

    Estimated result declaration: 03:00

    Wolverhampton: This is almost a straight Lab v Con battle, and last year the Conservatives made five gains, following on from their strong showing at the general election. Labour's majority isn't in doubt but they will want to prevent a repeat performance.

    Estimated result declaration: 03:30

    People ready to count in Wolverhampton

    Nuneaton and Bedworth: A Conservative gain last year when they added 10 seats. If they do anywhere near as well they'll add more seats this year. It's hard to see how Labour make any progress.

    Estimated result declaration: 04:00

    Dudley: A very strong performance by the Conservatives last year saw them take control for the first time in a decade. If they can get anywhere close to repeating the performance they will strengthen their grip on the council.

    Estimated result declaration: 04:30

    Coventry: Labour will win another comfortable majority but Keir Starmer may have made things harder for the party after he was accused of sniggering about Coventry in an interview about the city's bin strike and union funding.

    Estimated result declaration: 05:00

  6. When to expect local results to be declared

    Eight councils are expected to declare their results tonight in the West Midlands with a further six counting during the day on Friday.

    Counting in Sandwell tonight

    We have rough estimated declaration times for those authorities which is when we expect to be able to tell if control of the councils has changed or if one party has strengthened their grip or suffered losses.


    • Tamworth - estimated result declaration: 02:00
    • Worcester - estimated result declaration: 02:00
    • Redditch - estimated result declaration: 02:30
    • Sandwell - estimated result declaration: 03:00
    • Wolverhampton - estimated result declaration: 03:30
    • Nuneaton and Bedworth - estimated result declaration: 04:00
    • Dudley - estimated result declaration: 04:30
    • Coventry - estimated result declaration: 05:00

    On Friday:

    • Solihull - estimated result declaration: 13:00
    • Cannock Chase - estimated result declaration: 13:00
    • Walsall - estimated result declaration: 13:30
    • Rugby - estimated result declaration: 16:00
    • Newcastle-under-Lyme - estimated result declaration: 17:30
    • Birmingham - estimated result declaration: 18:00
  7. Vaccine rollout may have boosted Tory results

    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester

    The former Labour group leader on Redditch Borough Council, who was one of seven members of the party to lose their seat, said: "I think both sides were shocked at the results, they were staggering results".

    Bill Hartnett said he felt people had voted on national issues and added: "It's no reflection on the local party or the local candidates, we had a good manifesto I felt."

    Bill Hartnett

    Mr Hartnett has served on the county and borough councils since 1985 and said it was a "strange election with Covid conditions" and felt the rollout of the vaccine had swung voters towards the Conservatives at a national level."I think as more and more results come through in later in the day, when they do more counts, I think the same pattern will follow," he added.

  8. Terrible night for Labour in Redditch

    James Pearson

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester

    It’s been a terrible night for Labour in Redditch, with the party losing all seven of the council seats it had been trying to defend.

    The Conservatives have won all nine of the district council seats being contested this year, including in Church Hill ward where the Labour leader Bill Hartnett lost his seat.

    The last time these seats were up for election was in 2016, before the EU referendum.

    Back then Labour had control of the council; this morning it has just four councillors left.

  9. Tories take all contested seats in Redditch

    The Conservatives won all nine of the seats being contested on Redditch Borough Council, the first council result of the night, gaining seven seats from Labour.

    There was no change of control at the Worcestershire authority, with the Conservatives holding 24 seats on the new council and Labour just four, losing both their leader and deputy leader.

    Redditch count
  10. Coronavirus spread affects election plans

    As well as elections for the West Midlands Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner, the following councils were expecting to be holding elections for some of their seats on 7 May.

    • Cannock Chase District Council
    • Coventry City Council
    • Dudley Council
    • Nuneaton and Bedworth District Council
    • Sandwell Council
    • Solihull Council
    • Walsall Council
    • City of Wolverhampton Council
    • Redditch Borough Council
    • Rugby Borough Council
    • Tamworth Borough Council
    • Worcester City Council

    They will now be held next year instead.

  11. Charities could see rent discounts withdrawn

    Charities and community groups in Redditch could have their rent discounts withdrawn by the borough council.

    The authority spends £82,000 helping not-for-profit groups afford premises, but the provision could be cut to help shave £1.1m off its next budget.

    Borough Council HQ

    The funding currently helps nine groups.

    Last year proposals for rent discounts were pulled following fears it could force some groups to close, but the plan resurfaced in November - one of six money-saving options set to go before councillors next Tuesday.

  12. Job losses 'worst case scenario' for struggling council

    BBC Hereford and Worcester

    Job losses can't be ruled out at struggling council, its leader's said, after admitting their finances are in a mess.

    Redditch Borough Council HQ

    Auditors have warned Redditch Borough Council it could "run out" of money in two years if it doesn't sort out its budget.

    In a recent report, they said the authority had to take "urgent action" to safeguard its future as, at the moment, it's on course by 2021 to be spending £30,000 a week more than it receives in income.

    The council's leader, Matthew Dormer, said he's in urgent talks about the situation and council tax may have to be increased.

    He told BBC Hereford and Worcester the problem in front of them was "very, very large" and job losses would be an "absolute worst case scenario".

  13. Conservatives set to hold Reddich

    Matthew Bone

    BBC News

    It looks like the Conservatives have held on to power at Redditch Borough Council.

    It's been a traditional battle between the Conservatives and Labour, so far with no sign of any surge from the Greens or independent candidates.

  14. Councillors set to approve large increase in allowances

    BBC Hereford and Worcester

    Councillors in Redditch are expected to approve steep rises in their allowances tonight, including a 110% pay rise for the leader.

    Redditch Borough Council

    The basic allowance is set to increase by more than £1,000, taking it to £4,437 a year but those who take on extra responsibilities are in line to benefit by more.

    The recommendations have been drawn up by an independent panel.

    The leader of the council's admitted that his overall package could be just under £20,000 with all the extra responsibilities.

    Quote Message: Every year, we commission an independent remuneration panel which looks into members' allowances and, for the last 10 years, the controlling group has always just ignored it. Had they not frozen this for the last 10 years, it would have been a small increase year-on-year and it wouldn't be the big deal it's going to be now." from Councillor Matthew Dormer Redditch Borough Council's leader
    Councillor Matthew DormerRedditch Borough Council's leader
  15. Deputy council leader fighting deselection

    BBC Hereford and Worcester

    The deputy leader of Redditch Borough Council faces deselection by the Conservative Party following complaints about his behaviour.

    A formal complaint was made against David Bush over claims he was verbally aggressive towards the authority's chief executive at a meeting earlier this month.

    Redditch Borough Council

    The dispute has since been resolved and Mr Bush says they have a good working relationship, but BBC Hereford and Worcester has been told other complaints about his conduct were made to the local Conservative Association and involve a longer period.

    Mr Bush is appealing the decision to deselect him and says he has an impeccable record after eight years of being a councillor.

    If he fails, he won't be able to stand for the Tories in May's elections.