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Australia bushfires: I survived by scuba diving in my pool

When Samantha's house was surrounded by fire she escaped into the swimming pool
When the bushfires in Australia surrounded her house, burning everything around it, Samantha Kneeshaw put on scuba diving gear and got into her swimming pool. She stayed there - with ash falling and fire burning around her - until it was safe to come out. Samantha told BBC OS her story.

(Photo: Samantha Kneeshaw's pool. Credit: Samantha Kneeshaw)

Divers map 'mysterious' wrecks off Chesil Beach

Nautical Archaeology Society photogrammetry to uncover secrets of wreck sites.
A dive team is hoping to uncover some secrets of shipwrecks just off Dorset's Chesil Beach.

The identity of two wrecks, although they've been the focus of investigations for over 10 years, remain a mystery.

Dives by the Nautical Archaeology Society and Maritime Archaeology Trust have been disrupted by the weather, this week, but photogrammetry surveys of the wreck sites have been made and 12 divers have been trained-up to help on future dives.

BBC Radio Solent's Steve Harris spoke to Peta Knott, the Education Officer at the Nautical Archaeology Society.
HMS Montagu wreck granted protected status
The designation comes following a series of archaeological dives by wounded veterans last summer.