Scuba diving

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    Video caption: Broome: Diving wrecks of a forgotten WW2 attack on Australia

    A deadly WW2 raid on Broome remains little known, even in Australia - but some hope to change that.

  2. Gillian Burke: Autumnwatch, diving and the future

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    Video caption: "It's incredibly comforting to be suspended underwater..."
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    Video caption: The man who plays with sharks

    Almost every day for 40 years, expert diver Jim Abernethy has been swimming with sharks in the Bahamas.

  4. Scuba

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    Video caption: A closer look at scuba diving gear, which helps us see creatures under the sea.

    A closer look at scuba diving gear. Mark tells us all about how his scuba diving mask allows him to come face to face with animals like jellyfish and sharks!

  5. Loch Striven | Scuba Diving In Scotland

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    Video caption: Scotland's waters hold many secrets!

    Scotland's waters hold many secrets!

  6. Diving With Seals In Scotland

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    Video caption: Seals are basically like dogs of the sea.

    Seals are basically like dogs of the sea.

  7. The Sea, The Sea

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    Video caption: Short documentaries on crashing waves and diving under the water. Presented by Josie Long.

    4 Extra Debut. Short documentaries about crashing waves and diving beneath the surface of the water. Presented by Josie Long. From 2020.

  8. Divers warned as hyperbaric chamber unavailable

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Use of Guernsey's hyperbaric chamber has been suspended until further notice as staff from the Emergency Department assist with its operation and cannot be freed up from work related to the current pandemic.

    A spokesman for health said: "All commercial divers in the Bailiwick and Jersey have been advised and commercial diving, other than that required in an emergency, has ceased during the lockdown period."

    Jersey's own hyperbaric treatment centre closed in 2018.

    Quote Message: Scallop diving is not considered essential at this time and any fishing being undertaken by diving should cease immediately." from Committee for Health and Social Care
    Committee for Health and Social Care

    The spokesman said: "Even with careful planning and restriction of diving depth, it is not possible to exclude completely the occurrence of diving-related illness such as barotrauma, decompression sickness, immersion pulmonary oedema or (near) drowning."

    He warned the resources needed to deal with such conditions were scarce at the current time.

    The spokesman said recreational diving in the UK has been suspended and it was not considered exercise and should not be taking place during the two hours of exercise islanders are allowed every day.

    He added: "Anyone who ignores this advice and decides to dive needs to be aware that they will require full insurance for medical transfers to the UK as well as any Emergency Department and ambulance charges should they need treatment for decompression illness during this time – creating additional pressure on an already overstretched NHS."