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Minister Derek Mackay: '99% of tax payers will see no rise'
Scotland's Finance Secretary Derek Mackay told MSPs a Holyrood that the majority of tax payers in Scotland would not pay more income tax in 2019-20.

Government urged to lift VAT on e-books after EU decision

The Government is urged to lift VAT on e-books after EU decision to equalise rates,
The Government's been urged to lift VAT on e-books - to bring them into line with conventional, printed books, which don't incur the tax.  It follows a decision by the European Union to allow member states to equalise the VAT rate on electronic books and paper books. Members of the House of Lords called on the Government to implement the measure - because current tax rules discriminate against people with visual impairment. Rachel Byrne reports for Today in Parliament. And you can hear more of the parliamentary day at 2330 on BBC Radio 4.