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Danish two take power boat ton-up record twice

Jan Jorgenson and Peter Mastrup have travelled from Ronnede in southern Denmark to Coniston Water for the annual Power Boat Records Week, and they will be going home with a new worlds and national record in the B Sport B2 class.

Team in front of power boat
Records Week

This morning they took their craft to 110.17mph. This afternoon, they pushed the pedal down a little further, and clocked 113.18mph.

Note the two words on the hull behind them.

Ugandan-born star wins Danish talent show

Singer Joanita Zachariassenn, who's originally from Uganda, has won a Danish talent show
A Ugandan born singer has won a major TV talent contest in Denmark. Joanita Zachariassenn - who's lived in Denmark more than 25 years - won the competition with her performance of Kiss Kiss.  She spoke to BBC Newsday's Alan Kasujja.

(Pic: Joanita Zachariassenn. Credit: Facebook)