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Boundary changes have occurred here. 2012 seats are an estimate of what the result would have been then if the new boundaries had been in place.

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2012 Seats 2017 Change


Seats 201216 Seats 201719 Change+3


Seats 20123 Seats 201711 Change+8


Seats 201218 Seats 20179 Change−9

PartyLiberal Democrat

Seats 20125 Seats 20174 Change−1


Seats 20123 Seats 20172 Change−1
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Importance of Scottish coast for fish

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

fish linked up in white boxes in Peterhead market

From Peterhead fish market, the biggest in the UK, Jimmy Buchan of the Scottish Seafood Association tells BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that the lack of a deal to the leave the EU is a concern.

"Business needs continuity, needs security, it needs direction, neither of what we’re getting from Westminster. A no-deal - that is the risk to business" because the industry exports to the EU and also imports goods.

He would like to avoid a no-deal Brexit and agree one that allows trading to continue "without all the major hurdles" that come with a no-deal.

Customers in the EU would also need a deal - "Fruits de mer - it's all coming from the Scottish coastline".

The fishing industry makes up 1% of the economy and everyone the Today Programme spoke to voted to leave because of the fish quota system.

Aberdeen could be hit hard by Brexit

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

oil rig
Getty Images

BBC Radio 4's Today Programme is broadcasting its business news from Aberdeen today.

It is the city that will be most affected by Brexit, according to a report by Centre for Cities.

Andrew Carter, chief executive of Centre for Cities, tells the programme that this is because of its reliance on oil and gas and the fact that the services linked to the industry are so integrated.

It is "not just on the production side, it's on the services side as well".

Some 30% of exports from Aberdeen go into Europe.

Scotland Independence Referendum 2014

Aberdeen City votes NO
NOVotes 84,09458.61%
YESVotes 59,39041.39%


Turnout 81.75%

Rejected ballots 180