Amazon rainforest

Listen to the loudest bird in the world

The male White Bellbird can be found in the Amazon
What does the loudest bird in the world sounds like? Professor Jeffrey Podos from the University of Massachusetts Amherst captured the unique sound in the Amazon, Brazil. He spoke to BBC Newsday's Paul Hawkins. 

(Photo: male White Bellbird. Credit: Anselmo d’Affonseca)
Amazon fires: The volunteer firefighters battling to save Brazil’s rainforest
They are on a mission to stop their stretch of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest from going up in flames.

Stories of hope: Fighting for Brazil's climate

Camilla Mota

BBC Brasil, Sao Paulo

Charton Jahn Locks in the Amazon
Charton Jahn Locks
Charton Jahn Locks in the Amazon

Environmental engineer Charton Jahn Locks has been on leave from his position at the Brazilian Ministry of Environment since March to dedicate himself full time to his project, named Aliança da Terra.

Back in 2006 he joined forces with an American cattle breeder based in the Amazon forest to help create what he calls a “positive ecosystem” in the region. Aliança da Terra works close to producers giving them technical assistance so they can produce more sustainably and according to local regulations.

Today they work with more than 1,500 companies, producing in the Amazon “with zero deforestation” and selling to multinationals such as Unilever (45 of them are soy suppliers for Hellmann's mayonnaise).

“Without private sector engagement we won’t be able to face the environmental challenges that lie ahead. Government initiatives alone are not enough”, he says.

The project also has its own elite fire brigade that for years now has been training producers, indigenous people and local populations to fight the blazes that hit the Amazon region this time of the year.