Wildlife cameraman goes on backyard safari in Deal
Stuck at home during lockdown, Richard Taylor-Jones swapped exotic creatures for garden wildlife.

How bad is Florida's Covid-19 outbreak?

A doctor tells us what's happening on the frontline of coronavirus
A view of the coronavirus frontline: Dr Cheryl Holder of the Florida International University tells Business Daily's Ed Butler how the second wave of infections in the Sunshine State differs from what she saw previously.

Miami Mayor: 'sheer numbers' are putting a stress on healthcare system

Record numbers of Covid-19 infections are being reported in Florida and Texas
Coronavirus infections across the United States have passed 2.5 million, with record numbers of cases reported in the states of Florida and Texas.

The surge in cases in southern states comes after businesses were allowed to re-open in recent weeks.

On Saturday, Florida reported more than 9,500 new cases, up from almost 9,000 on Friday, the previous record.
The spike has led state officials to tighten restrictions on business again - as Texas also did on Friday.

Francis Suarez is Mayor of Miami in Florida. He's a registered Republican but the office of mayor is non-partisan. Firstly his reaction to the latest state- wide coronavirus cases.

Photo shows: People wait to be tested for Covid-19 at near Miami Beach, Florida. June 2020. Credit: Getty Images