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    Video caption: The moment a dog was rescued from an alligator's jaws

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    Video caption: One of the closest and most contested elections in US history

    The US presidential election of 2000 was one of the closest and most contested in history. It was more than a month before the result was decided after a Supreme Court decision.

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    Video caption: US election results: Why did so many Latinos back Trump?

    The Latino vote both helped and hurt Joe Biden. This is how.

  5. 'I wasn’t allowed to vote because I’m disabled'

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    Video caption: US Election 2020: ‘My rights were taken away because I’m disabled'

    Michael lost his rights because of his learning disability so he went to court to win them back.

  6. How Trump kept hold of Florida

    Democrats dreamed of blocking Trump's path to the White House by winning Florida.

    But with almost all the votes counted, Trump has been projected to win the close-fought state, with 51% of the vote compared with Biden's 48%.

    The president gained two points on his victory in the state in 2016. Biden, meanwhile, failed to improve upon the tally recorded by Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election.

    A graphic indicating the results in Florida compared with 2016

    Exit poll estimates put the president on a 61% share of the white vote in Florida.

    Biden appears to have made up ground on Clinton's performance with this demographic in 2016. But Trump is estimated to have gained 12 points among Latino voters, bringing him nearly level with Biden among that sizeable group.

    A graphic indicating the ethnicity of voters in Florida

    Looking at the split by age, Biden appears to have won an increased share of the vote among seniors.

    But that gain has been offset by losses in the 30-44 age group, where Trump is up 11 points on last time.

    A graphic indicating the age of voters in Florida
  7. WATCH: Latinos for Trump celebrate in Florida

    In Miami, many of the president's Cuban supporters were elated over his projected win in the sunshine state.

    Florida has 29 coveted electoral votes, and much of Trump’s Latin base in the state cited their fears of socialism when asked about their support for the president.

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    Video caption: US election 2020: Latinos for Trump celebrate in Florida
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    Video caption: US election 2020: Latinos for Trump celebrate Florida victory

    In Miami, many of the president's Cuban supporters were elated following his projected win in the Sunshine State.

  9. The 's' word for Cuban-Americans

    Liliet Heredero

    BBC Mundo and Miami bureau chief

    Trump supporters in Miami

    Trump’s appeal to the large Cuban-American population in Miami-Dade county was palpable, judging by the loud and colourful "Trump trains" that have been going through for weeks. The ones for Biden were always smaller.

    As a Cuban myself, I've seen the majority of my friends and family members turn to Trump, as the message that Democrats are "socialists" really hit home.

    Cubans and Venezuelans, the other large diaspora here, have a kind of PTSD with the S-word, socialism.

    They both had to flee their countries after socialist governments ran the countries to the ground.

    The division has got so bad here that a Cuban friend recently told me he couldn’t say he supported Biden because of fears of being fired from his job for being "a socialist".

    "I can’t believe I ran away from communism to be labelled as one," he said.

  10. Florida lets down Democrats again

    Anthony Zurcher

    BBC North America reporter

    Voters in Miami

    Florida has let Democrats down once again. Despite a massive effort in the state, including hundreds of millions of dollars from businessman Mike Bloomberg, Donald Trump has again won what has become his adopted home state.

    He did so by once more running up good numbers in traditionally Republican areas and eating into Joe Biden’s support among Hispanic and African-American voters in the Democratic strongholds of south Florida.

    With the win, Trump clears the first big hurdle standing between him and re-election – and has shown, at least in this state, that polls giving Biden an advantage are not altogether reliable.

    Now Trump has to show that he still has the magic touch in the industrial Midwest states that delivered him the White House in 2016.

    He also has to secure victories in places like North Carolina and Arizona, which offer Biden other promising pathways to an electoral college victory.

  11. BreakingTrump projected to win Florida


    Florida is projected to vote for Donald Trump. It's a race we've been watching all night.

    As a large battleground state, its 29 electoral votes have been decisive in previous presidential elections.

    In 2000, just 537 votes in Florida delivered the White House to Republican George W Bush. The state chose Donald Trump four years ago, but voted twice for Obama.

  12. Voters' views: Excitement builds as Republicans hope for Florida win

    Excitement is building among Republicans in our voter panel text group as Florida looks good for Trump.

    Jim (R - Indiana) : “Are you seeing this? Trump is winning urban areas in Florida +4% and Hispanics +13%".

    Gavin (R - Georgia): “Trump is going to win FL and NC! Feeling great at this moment!”

    Eliana Girard (R - Florida): “We’re watching at Club 45 party with 500 people.”

    Eliana Girard attends a Republican watch party in Florida on election night.
    Image caption: Eliana Girard attends a Republican watch party in Florida on election night.
    dotted line

    Learn more about our voter panel.

  13. Results roll in and Florida remains the big prize

    Anthony Zurcher

    BBC North America reporter

    Supporters of US President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden rally in front of a poll station at Coral Gable Branch Public Library in Miami, Florida on November 3, 2020

    Polls in the eastern half of the US are closing fast now. While Florida appears to be trending toward Donald Trump – on the back of better-than-expected performance among Hispanics in South Florida – attention will shift towards other battleground states.

    Joe Biden has taken an early lead in Ohio, although the counties that have been reporting are Democratic ones. However, if he can do better than Hillary Clinton, who lost the state, it could give clues as to how he’ll perform in the nearby states that were much closer – Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, in particular.

    Georgia continues to look like a tossup, as does North Carolina. Both are pretty much must-wins for Trump. And Texas looms on the horizon. While Florida is the big electoral prize that has been a fixation for Democrats for decades, if the Lone Star State moves to the left, it could herald an even more earth-shattering electoral realignment.

    The night is just getting started.

  14. Florida polls soon to close: what you need to know

    Florida graphic

    When will we know who’s won Florida and why does it matter?

    Florida is a big prize and it’s fiercely contested. It carries 29 electoral votes - a significant chunk of the 270 needed to win - and polls suggest a very tight race.

    Donald Trump won the state by just over 1% in 2016.

    Voting ends across the state in 10 minutes (20:00 ET, 01:00 GMT). Election officials began processing early votes before election day, so comprehensive results could be reported relatively quickly. They already have 80% of votes counted and it is neck-and-neck so far.

    It’s a diverse state, with a large Hispanic population - although the Hispanic vote doesn’t overwhelmingly favour the Democrats as it does nationwide.

    That’s because the large Cuban population tends to vote Republican. Many Cuban-Americans fled the Communist regime in their home country and can relate to Republican anti-socialist sentiment.

    Older voters in the state could also be crucial – Florida is often referred to a "God’s waiting room" with more than 17% of the population being over 65. Mr Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak could impact the senior vote with elderly people being most at risk.

    It's also where Republican George W Bush secured the presidency in 2000 by just 537 votes, after a highly controversial recount.

  15. A look at what's ahead: Georgia and Florida

    Anthony Zurcher

    BBC North America reporter

    In Florida, where early voting results will be announced almost immediately, I’ll be closely watching for Joe Biden’s performance in the Democratic strongholds of southern Florida – Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

    Can the Democrat post a sizable vote advantage – 30% or more – to offset the more conservative parts of the state. And what are elderly voters doing in usually Republican strongholds of central Florida, including Sumter county.

    If Donald Trump posts less than a two-to-one margin, it could be a sign that he’s losing support from retirees – which were a key to his victory in the state in 2016.

    Meanwhile, Georgia is a traditionally Republican state that could be trending toward the Democrats. If Biden is overperforming in the suburban counties around Atlanta, he’ll have a chance to be the first Democrat to win the state since 1992.

    Florida and Georgia are simply must-win states for Trump.

    If Biden can take one of them, it could be an early knockout win for the Democrat. If the president holds his own, the evening’s attention will shift north, North Carolina and the industrial mid-west states, which will hold the key to both candidates’ fate.

    poll worker helps a voter put as she drops off her mail-in ballot at an official Miami-Dade County drive-thru ballot drop box at the Miami-Dade County Election Department
    Image caption: Poll worker helps a voter in Miami-Dade County, Florida
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    Video caption: US election: 'It just makes me feel like a nobody'

    Former prisoner Davion Hampton from Florida wants to vote in this US election. But he can't.

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    Video caption: Trump and Biden stage duelling rallies in Florida

    Donald Trump and Joe Biden both held events in Florida in the final days before the US election.