Exeter 'leading way' on plastic bag recycling

BBC Radio Devon

Exeter has become the first council in the UK to turn plastic bags collected from the kerbside into litter bin bags.

Exeter City Council

The council has partnered up with plastic recycling company Jayplas and the project means waste polythene bags collected from households across the city and trade customers are sent to a sorting plant where they are turned into recycled granules.

The compounded material is then turned into plastic litter sacks which are sent back to Exeter.

David Harvey, lead councillor for environment, said: "No other council in the UK has been able to do what we are about to do.

"Exeter is leading the way in both recycling and protecting the environment."

Upgrade of 'most important' recycling site planned

Jason Noble

Suffolk Local Democracy Reporter

A recycling centre needs to be updated to make it "future-proof", a council says.

Suffolk County Council said the Foxhall Recycling Centre on the edge of Ipswich "currently operates under a time-limited planning permission".

Without site improvement, a new permission will not be secured and would result in the loss of the council’s "most important and well-used site”, it said.

The planned upgrade includes a new feeder lane, raised car parking so that people do not need to walk up steps to dispose of waste, and increased capacity for the number of vehicles.

Foxhall Recycling Centre
Chris Holifield/Geograph

Construction is due to start next year, should be completed by 2023, but costs have not been revealed.

The council said that Foxhall alone receives nearly 12,000 tonnes of recycling waste per year, about 20% of Suffolk’s entire recycling waste.

The consultation runs until 20 July.

Guernsey Waste 'to break even' during waste strategy

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey Waste says it expects to break even during the 20-year life of the waste strategy.

Last year fewer bin stickers were bought than predicted as recycling levels increased, meaning there was a £1.4m operating deficit.

That rose to more than £3m when depreciation for facilities at Longue Hougue was factored in, the company said.

However, one parish refuse collector, Clint Blondel, said some lost revenue could be made up as the Covid-19 lockdown had seen a surge in domestic black bag waste put out, meaning more income from the island's "pay as you throw" charges.

Bin sacks with stickers on

Meanwhile, there has been a massive increase in the recycling of blue bag materials.

Figures published by Guernsey Waste showed the rate went up by 74% between 2017 and 2019.

Overall, at 73% for all recyclables, the island has one of the highest recycling rates in the world.

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