South Western Railway

Railway line reopens

The line between Brockenhurst and Bournemouth has reopened following an incident earlier this morning.

Disruption is set to continue through the morning after South Western Railway had to cancel some services.

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Rail disruption between Brockenhurst and Bournemouth

All lines are blocked between Brockenhurst & Bournemouth due to emergency services dealing with an incident.

Trains running through these stations may be cancelled, delayed by up to 60 minutes or revised, South Western Railway says.

Disruption is expected until 12:00.

SWR strike: Wheelie bin on train sparks concerns

On a day when South Western Railway (SWR) is experiencing severe overcrowding due to the start of a five-day strike, a number of commuters have wondered why a wheelie bin has been given a special place on one of its trains...

Other passengers have raised security concerns as it was not clear what was in the bin.

SWR later tweeted to say it was most likely transporting lost property to one of its station.

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